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We do not deliver dedicated software for maintenance; however, your maintenance department can put all required information affecting others in your company. There are a few key issues everybody needs to know.

How many hours can we sell?

This is the basic question sales department will have if the maintenance check is getting closer and closer. So the essential thing is to be aware of what are the upcoming limits (TAH, TAC, date) and if those limits have any margin. In Leon, we keep track of current Total Aircraft Hours and Cycles and those items are automatically updated as soon as post-flight data is entered.

Maintenance department can add scheduled maintenance task on a calendar as confirmed or not confirmed (thus telling they are flexible if nice contract that day is available). All maintenance planned tasks are displayed in other dedicated view for maintenance.

When sales department are about to add a trip to the system, they can view what the available number of hours is to be used before next maintenance and if the number is low, they are warned. In such case they can contact maintenance department and consult schedule change.

Hold Item List

An open MEL with operational limitations also influences the possibility to perform a flight. In Leon maintenance department can add MEL items with any details that might be necessary for OPS department during flight preparation (like information about limited maximum flight level due to pack fail).


There is no installation fee. Monthly fee is based on your fleet size and type of your operation. We don’t charge per-user or per-station fees to make it easier both for you and for us. As your business grows and you have more aircraft in your fleet, our job is to deliver more attention to particular challenges, which arise during the operational growth. We know the kind of the challenges and they are roughly fleet-size related. That is why we have decided to make our pricing model fleet-based.

We would like to make the price transparent and put it here but, unfortunately, this is not possible due to the variety of aviation businesses you might have. For that reason we encourage you to contact us and discuss details.

One we can say for sure: our prices are competitive.

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