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Key Benefits and Advantages

Single source of up-to-date information

In aviation business changes take place all the time. Schedule change, crew change, aircraft is AOG and you need to quickly replace it. These are just a few examples. You know all these issues because aviation is all about constant changes. A lot of them happen just in the last possible moment. You need to be sure that all departments work on the same, most current schedule information. Moreover, you need to be sure that everyone concerned is informed about all last-minute changes without even logging into the system. We know that, too. And we have designed our system to address these needs. Our scheduling software for aviation is a central information repository tool.

Easy access

The desktop applications era is slowly being replaced by dedicated online solutions. We believe aviation industry is the perfect example to be serviced online. Your crew is in constant motion between hotels, there are different home bases, many services are being outsourced nowadays and your contractors also have to know about some of the last-minute changes. In such an environment you need an easy access to the heart of your business - information. With Leon the only thing you need to operate on is an Internet connection. Your crew can use iPhone, iPad or hotel desktop computer with any modern web browser.


The entire aviation business is similar in general concepts. You need to have Operations Manual, Post Holders and similar departments. The real issue is about small details. All of these details cannot be predicted, but they give air operators their identity. We know it from our own experience. That’s why our system is flexible and can be adapted to your needs. We know exactly how it is to buy software. This is a serious decision and the beginning of a long-term cooperation. You need to be sure that the program is flexible. This is true in Leon's case. For example you are able to set different access levels for your team, adjust e-mail notifications, define your types of crew duties, set various Journey Log fields, have FTL engine programmed to reflect your OM part 7 and many more.

Easy installation & maintenance

We are online. If we need to change something, fix any issue or update the software, we don’t need to access your computers. We don’t need to send updates through the Internet. We just update the application on our servers. There is no installation process from your point of view. You just fire your browser, your iPhone/iPad and from the moment your operator account is set, you are ready to go. The installation is all about preparing program parameters to reflect your business, but that is our job. Your job is to log in.

Data safety

Online? Is my data safe? Yes, we know well these questions and we have really good answers. We have a multi-level backup, we have redundant infrastructure located in Amazon and additional one in Profitbricks. We have not lost any single bit of information. Never. This is very crucial for us thus we are applying strict internal procedures for software availability and data safety. There is never any compromise.

Measurable benefits

Did you have CAA audit? Yes, you did. Did they ask you about Flight Time Limitations reports? Maybe about cosmic radiation or CO2 emission summary? We know exactly what CAA are looking for. And we know exactly how to satisfy CAA expectations. Our software was audited dozens of times and in different countries. So one advantage of Leon is the possibility of delivering various reports about different activity for CAA. Another great benefit is that you will be ready to grow from operational perspective. You can manage one aircraft on paper and spreadsheets, maybe two or even three. But with what costs? For sure it will be more than the price of our software. We are affordable! And with Leon you are ready to grow rapidly at any moment.

People behind

Our management board has an extensive experience in aviation. Both in business charter and airlines. We started our careers as dispatchers, some of us are active pilots flying part-time and at some point we have realized there is no good software on the market. Founders had also previous IT experience so we just combined both.



There is no installation fee. Monthly fee is based on your fleet size and type of your operation. We don’t charge per-user or per-station fees to make it easier both for you and for us. As your business grows and you have more aircraft in your fleet, our job is to deliver more attention to particular challenges, which arise during the operational growth. We know the kind of the challenges and they are roughly fleet-size related. That is why we have decided to make our pricing model fleet-based.

We would like to make the price transparent and put it here but, unfortunately, this is not possible due to the variety of aviation businesses you might have. For that reason we encourage you to contact us and discuss details.

One we can say for sure: our prices are competitive.

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