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Explanation of incident - 25 Feb, 2014

Yesterday, at 16:05 UTC one of our servers due to a bug of the application started to send an enormous amount of empty questions to Leon's database. The amount was so big that it froze the entire database. The bug was corrected within 20 minutes and the application was back online and functioning normally.

We sincerely apologize for the systems failure and for any inconvenience.

Please be advised that the current email notification system is going to work until the end of March 2014. We have written a better, improved version of the notification system which is available for setting now when you log to beta.leon.aero. After a week the new code will be published on leon.aero

We are happy to inform you that awaited Leon Android App is ready and can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store. Please search for Leon Software or you can use this link to get access to the application.
We invite you to use Leon Android App manual.
The application has been tested for the last 3 months, but if you notice any problems with it please report them to our support ().  
We hope that Leon Android App will make your work easier!

We are pleased to announce that the first stage of LEON - CAMP integration has been completed!

This stage offers automatic TAH, TAC update for all engines and APU.

In order to increase stability and customers satisfaction, we have recently developed additional mechanism for switching Leon to the backup hosting facility. So far, it was taking a long time to switch to the backup location because backup was accessible under different web address (backup.leon.aero).

Leon's CEO Pawel Czubilinski is going to attend this year's EBACE. It will be an excellent occasion to meet Leon's current and potential Customers. (If you would like to meet Pawel at EBACE please write to us at ).

We are glad to welcome you to our new website!

If you want to track information about Leon's developments and news we encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter and RSS feed.

Leon team has moved to a new bigger office in Warsaw. Our new address is al. Jerozolimskie 151/5U 02-326 Warsaw, Poland. If you want to have a look at our new office please visit Leon's Facebook page.

We have recently introduced 3rd server to our family. It is called 'Norman'. Previous two are Leon & Matylda. Norman will handle all database traffic and is the most powerful machine among all of our servers.

Information for Ipad/Iphone useres. Leon 1.4.3 with data validation improvements is available for download in App Store.

Before Christmas you can download the latest Leon app 1.5.0 from App Store. When you click on the 'red/orange/green’ dot you will be able to see flight checklist's details. Merry Christmas!

Please be informed that on Tuesday and Thursday (20th and 22nd Nov, 2012) our server hosting provider is going to move Leon's servers to a newly built section of their server hosting facility.

In October we have set up new servers cloud located in Berlin. These servers are dedicated to act as a backup to secure stable and constant access to the Leon system.