Aircraft availability export

Leon can send your empty legs and aircraft availability to different online platforms allowing you to reach more customers for your charter flights. In this area we have partnered with:


  • avinode logo
  • victor
  • Returnjet logo
  • fff
  • migacore
  • execflyer
  • CP logo
  • AviMallNewLogo
  • logo Flight Partner
  • Jettly logo
  • GetJet logo
  • Charterscanner logo
  • FlyEasy
  • aviapages
  • Catch a Jet BV


Flight preparation

You can export flight data to a number of flight planning platforms for further flight preparation. 

  • PPS logo
  • RocketRoute logo
  • EuroFPL logo
  • uvGO
  • ForeFlight
  • Logo Arincdirect


Crew Roster

An efficient way to automatically roster the crew for mid and large-scale operators

  • rosterize


Automatic Journey Log processing

Automatically log your journey figures into the post-flight database in Leon.

  • ifs
  • taillog


PNR compliance & Sanctions List

We support platforms that enable PNR (Passenger Name Record) compliance process.
Sanctions List Search - Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons list

  • streamlane
  • Logo paxfiles


Logbook export

Pilots can export their flights into logbook software.

  • Mccpilot
  • coradine logo
  • Safelog logo



Leon can export post-flight data to maintenance software for further maintenance tracking.

  • campsystems
  • asadatec
  • flightdocs
  • trustflight
  • redifly
  • MRX Systems



Leon can automatically import movements into the flight watch module.

  • eurocontrol


Services orders

You can order various services within Leon like handling, fuel, and catering.

  • logoMyHandling
  • delisky logo
  • UVair
  • Fuelerlinx


Airport database

Leon integrates various data on airports worldwide, FBO / Handler information, airport charges, and more.

  • Acukwik
  • AirportCharges logo


Booked flights import

We integrate with other online quoting & scheduling software.

  • schedaero


FBO & OCC Software

Leon offers integrations with software designed for specific FBO & OCC needs .

  • FCG Atom

Reservation Systems

You can import schedules from various software into Leon.

  • AeroCRS logo
  • Darwin
  • Logo Videcom



Fatigue Risk Management 

We are integrated with solutions that measure the likely fatigue in pilots of commercial, business jet and cargo operations.

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  • logo safte fast



Safety Management Systems

We work with various aviation safety management systems.

  • ASQS logo
  • Q5 logo
  • Centik logo



Crew Training

Leon is integrated with crew training solutions.

  • Scandlearn logo
  • UAT



Reporting system for aircraft owners

Leon feeds data to produce reports for aircraft owners.


  • Leon feeds MARS  width=
  • mysky
  • portside

Trip Support Companies


  • Logo Jetex
  • Logo avior
  • Logo click



Crew Travel Management

  • cteleport


Other services

Leon offers access to various third-party solutions, including paperless signing and cryptocurrency payments.

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  • Logo Mirai
  • Logo Quorem
  • Logo avixpense
  • jetmanager
  • theprivatejetapp