We have just started rolling out a new version of Leon. Over the next few days, customers will be gradually switched to a new version. If you find a function not working as expected, please let us know via the Customer Portal


  • A new way of sending SSM and ASM messages will be introduced. More information here


  • FEES - the following items will be added to the 'Aircraft fees': 'Minimum block time daily fee', 'Minimum block time trip fee', 'Minimum flight time daily fee', 'Minumum flight time trip fee'
  • FEES - the following item will be added to the 'Airport fees': 'PAX Handlings'
  • AVINODE INTEGRATION - the 'Reservation' function will be enhanced - by marking the checkbox 'Available for charter' there will be a possibility to define if the Reservation is available for charters or not. It will be also possible to define the 'Prior time' before which the charter request should be sent for the 'Reservation'
  • REQUESTS/QUOTES - user Interface for sending documents will have a new look. While sending the document, all quotations will be visible on the right with a bigger amount of details, choosing the correct one will be defined by marking the checkbox


  • HANDLING REQUESTS - new configuration for 'Handling Requests' will be added so that the billing data could be aircraft related
  • SIMULATOR - it will be possible to add SIM duty for the cabin - new fields for FA1 and FA2 will be added
  • CALENDAR - 'Opportunity' and 'Option' flights will be able to affect the aircraft position in the OPS Calendar. The function can be enabled by marking the 'Options and opportunities change the position of aircraft on OPS Calendar page' box in the General Settings


  • CREW QUALIFICATIONS - new tab 'CURRENCY' will be added which will allow a quick check for the currencies of all Crew members. The valid currency will be visible with a green belt, close to being expired with an orange, and expired with a red bar
  • CREW ENDORSEMENTS - in the endorsement configuration there will be a new field: 'Additional Crew', which will allow adding particular crew members for which the endorsement validity should be checked
  • CREW CURRENCY - single pilot currency won't be calculated for multi-pilot flights


  • New scope 'Airport recency' will be added to the Report Wizard. The scope will contain the Airport recency requirements for Crew members


  • The new field 'Birth Province' will be added to the 'Person' type of contact
  • A new function 'Find duplicates' will be added to all entries, which will allow to quickly find contact duplicates based on profile details. There will be a 'Remove duplicates' button to permanently remove unwanted entries
  • CONTACT HISTORY - more entries in the contact will be covered by the history, such as Visas, Vaccinations, and data from the 'DETAILS' tab
  • When adding a Company Leon will show a warning if a Company with the same name, code, or email already exists in the Phonebook
  • A new possibility to change the PAX entry to Animal and Animal to PAX will be added


  • PUSH NOTIFICATIONS - changes in the reporting times on the flight will enable push notifications to Crew members - mark a checkbox 'Crew reporting times changes notifications' in 'General Settings > Mobile Notifications' to enable this option
  • LOG TAB - Journey Log will be able to be entered not only by Pilots but also by Flight Attendants


  • The possibility to add a custom name for each airport will be added in the field 'Operator name'

Apart from the above-mentioned features, we have also made changes to Leon API which can be reviewed under this changelog link