• Flight Scheduling Software for Aviation

    We are delivering a web-based, flexible solution to support aircraft operators in their day-to-day operations.  Sales, Crew, OPS and Maintenance departments can find useful tools in one place. Aircraft Scheduling for Corporate Flight Departments & Management Companies

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  • Sales

    We can help you organize successful and efficient work of your sales team.  Your workers can track sales process of every trip with sales checklists, download quotes from Avinode and respond directly from the application.

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  • Crew

    Let our application calculate Flight Time Limitations for you according to your OM part 7.  Leon manages crew duty roster, licences, medical certificates and other documents, warns about flight and duty time violations and informs about any last minute changes in your schedule!

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  • OPS

    Be aware of every aspect of the flight preparation and be sure your dispatchers work flawlessly.  With our system they don’t need to hassle to inform crew about every change nor need to track permissions numbers on a white board.

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  • Maintenance

    Track information about your checks, Total Aircraft Hours, Cycles and open HIL items in the system so that Sales and other departments know where the limit is.

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  • Reporting

    Do you hear questions from CAA about CO2 or cosmic radiation summary?  These and many others are available just at your fingertips.  We know all that because you feed our application with post-flight data.  We collect it and produce some useful stuff out of it.

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Key Benefits & Advantages

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Single source of up-to-date information

In aviation business changes take place all the time. Schedule change, crew change, aircraft is AOG and you need to quickly replace it. These are just a few examples. You know all these issues because aviation is all about constant changes. Our scheduling software for aviation is a central information repository tool. 

Easy access

The desktop applications era is slowly being replaced by dedicated online solutions. We believe aviation industry is the perfect example to be serviced online. Your crew is in constant motion between hotels, there are different home bases and many services are being outsourced nowadays.


The entire aviation business is similar in general concepts. You need to have Operations Manual, Post Holders and similar departments. The real issue is about small details. All of these details cannot be predicted. That’s why our system is flexible and can be adapted to your needs.

People behind

Our management board has an extensive experience in aviation. Both in business charter and airlines. We started our careers as dispatchers, some of us are active pilots flying part-time and at some point we have realized there is no good software on this market.


Easy installation & maintenance

We are online. If we need to change something, fix any issue or update the software, we don't need to access your computers. We don't need to send updates through the Internet. We just update the application on our servers.

Measurable benefits

Did you have CAA audit? Yes, you did. Did they ask you about Flight Time Limitations reports? Maybe about cosmic radiation or CO2 emission summary? We know exactly what CAA are looking for. And we know precisely how to satisfy CAA expectations.

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10 Oct

Integration with Jettly

We are very happy to announce Leon's integration with Jettly!

25 Sep

Integration with EuroFPL

We are very happy to announce Leons' integration with EuroFPL.

21 Sep

Integration with FRMSc

We are very happy to announce Leons' integration with FRMSc Advanced Fatigue Management - the SAFE suite. 

19 Sep

Integration with AeroCRS and Videcom

We are very happy to announce Leon's integration with AeroCRS and Videcom.

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