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We have grouped functionality into several key groups that every aircraft operator needs for respective departments. There was a time we divided these functionalities into modules but we realized that in the end majority of functions are expected anyway. 

Product-featuresTrack information about your checks, Total Aircraft Hours, Cycles and open HIL items in the system so that Sales and other departments know where the limit is. Do you hear questions from CAA about CO2 or cosmic radiation summary? Those and many others are available just at your fingertips. We know all that because you feed our application with post-flight data. We collect it and produce some useful stuff out of it.Be aware of every aspect of the flight preparation and be sure your dispatchers work flawlessly. With our system they don’t need to hassle to inform crew about every change nor need to track permissions’ numbers on a white board.We can help you organize successful and efficient work of your sales team. Your team can track sales process of every trip with sales checklists, download quotes from Avinode and respond directly from the application. Numerous sales reports will give you an instant overview of the situation.Let our application calculate Flight Time Limitations for you according to your OM part 7. Leon manages crew duty roster, licences, medical certificates and other documents, warns about flight and duty time violations and informs about any last minute change in your schedule!


So now we offer Leon as a single package with all functions included.


There is no installation fee. Monthly fee is based on your fleet size and type of your operation. We don’t charge per-user or per-station fees to make it easier both for you and for us. As your business grows and you have more aircraft in your fleet, our job is to deliver more attention to particular challenges, which arise during the operational growth. We know the kind of the challenges and they are roughly fleet-size related. That is why we have decided to make our pricing model fleet-based.

We would like to make the price transparent and put it here but, unfortunately, this is not possible due to the variety of aviation businesses you might have. For that reason we encourage you to contact us and discuss details.

One we can say for sure: our prices are competitive.

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We offer personal one-to-one support to all of our customers.

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