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This is where we have started our product from. We have put a lot of effort in making life for this particular department easier. OPS department is the operating heart of every aviation company and usually works under HUGE time pressure. every click less to get desired result is appreciated. We know how these departments work because at the beginning of our aviation career we have worked as dispatchers as well. We constantly add new functions for this department.  In our system we have many little useful tools for daily operations but here we will mention only several of them.

Flights list

Where are we flying?

Flights view is the heart of the software itself. We realized that to display all information in a clear way more than one view of flights is required. Therefore, in our application there are three different ways (actually four but the last one is for aircraft owners) you can view flights. The very important thing for us is to make the application intuitive in the usage even if it’s growing bigger and bigger. That is why OPS department has their own flights view.

In this view dispatcher can see key information such as:

  • where (ADEP, ADES)
  • when (UTC, LT)
  • who (a/c registration and crew)
  • is legal (FDP warning)
  • is ready for dispatch (status dot - red, orange, green - just like traffic lights)

Also, they can get documents for the flight with one click. We generate flight order document automatically (similar to tech log, but its something more operational), GARs for UK, GEN DEC, PAX manifest, Trip Sheet, etc. in PDF format. When the mouse is moved over the status dot the operational checklist is popping out as a tooltip. Easy and straightforward. Any operational limitation on your aircraft? It is flashing red to warn dispatchers.

Flight edit history

What needs to be done?

Dispatchers manage many different small items concerning every flight and they need to pass the information about the preparation stage to the next dispatcher on duty, because not all flights are possible to be prepared on a single duty. There are many traditional ways to do it such as: paper notes, whiteboards, spreadsheets, e-mail reports, etc. All of these take extra time and still some vital information can be left out or come unnoticed. With Leon dispatchers do not need to double their work, they have everything at hand. With one click on the status dot of a given flight they have an easy access to all details about the preparation with required comments. The details that are available at one glance can immediately answer a lot of questions, let us give you just a few examples:

  • Flight Plan. Was it created in flight planning software? (we are connected to PPS) Was it sent to EUROCONTROL? Did they acknowledge that?
  • Is operational plan ready? Are winds current? Is fuel consulted with CPT?
  • Is landing permission required on destination airport? If yes, is it arranged? Yes? What is its number?
  • Is overflight permission required? What FIRs? What are the numbers? Validity? Which time the company is approaching for this permission?
  • Is training for this airport requied? If yes, do the crew have the training? Are their passports and visas valid?
  • Is handling arranged? Was everybody concerned informed? Schedule has changed! Do we need to update them with the information?
  • Is passenger list acknowledged? What are their passport details and dates of birth?
  • What is the fuel supplier we are going to use on the destination airport? Is it cost effective?

Flight watch

They took off but haven’t landed, yet. Company needs to be aware not only of the schedule. You need to know the current status of your flights. Do we have a delay? Why? These might be some of your questions that we have answers to.

If your company has SITA connection through ARINC, we can automatically import aircraft movements into the system. If not, you can enter them manually. More. If you enter slot information, this will be automatically sent to the crew.

Weight & balance

We have created weight & balance for experiment years ago and we haven’t expected it will be so handy for operators. You can prepare your weight & balance PDF sheets with a nice graphical envelope in just a few clicks directly in the application. The only thing we need to do is to configure it for your particular aircraft model arms and weights. There is an additional one-time fee for this.

Fleet documents in one place

Crew have their licenses, medical certificates and stuff like that, but what about aircraft? You have noise certificates, AOC copies on each of them, insurance, first aid kit, extinguishers...and many more. You need to track them as well. Your OPS department needs to have an easy access to them in order to send some to various authorities while applying for permits. That is just one example. We have a solution for you here.

Who changed that?!

It happens that sometimes, somebody changes something in the system, but nobody will admit when you ask... Leon will not forget any single information including who changed what, when, how it was before and how it is now. We developed our own database versioning system. 80% of our database is historical data. You might want to get this archive in critical situations. Nothing is permanently deleted. When you are deleting a thing, we mark it as deleted and hide it from display. It makes a huge difference. It means this information is still accessible if required. It is like a time machine. You can virtually jump into the past and see what information looked like in that particular moment.

OPS department outsourcing option

Did you consider to outsource your OPS & dispatch to professionals? Leon cooperates closely with FDS, which serves flight support using Leon from the very beginning. This solution can combine 24/7 flight dispatch center with our software and let you just sit back and enjoy flying. As FDS is a Leon user, you just need to add flights or updates into Leon and FDS can start working on it. No more e-mails and phone calls. You can find more on www.fdsops.com



There is no installation fee. Monthly fee is based on your fleet size and type of your operation. We don’t charge per-user or per-station fees to make it easier both for you and for us. As your business grows and you have more aircraft in your fleet, our job is to deliver more attention to particular challenges, which arise during the operational growth. We know the kind of the challenges and they are roughly fleet-size related. That is why we have decided to make our pricing model fleet-based.

We would like to make the price transparent and put it here but, unfortunately, this is not possible due to the variety of aviation businesses you might have. For that reason we encourage you to contact us and discuss details.

One we can say for sure: our prices are competitive.

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