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About Us



In 2017, we plan to hire more developers and customer support staff, therefore our office space is going to expand again. Besides developing the new Crew section, we want to introduce an additional data center and deliver more training materials.


New improvements

We continued to improve the new OPS module and started to plan how to redesign Crew section to make it better. We managed to eliminate system's installation fee, what resulted in a substantial clients' influx. Servers infrastructure was vastly improved to comfortably accommodate the rising number of customers.


New Leon's interface

In 2015, we started to rebuild Leon's interface for the better user experience. We employed more developers for our technology of choice - ReactJS. Our core module was completely rebuilt and we released a brand-new OPS module in December.


API for 3rd party developers

Numerous technological upgrades were introduced in 2014. We moved our main hosting center to amazon in Ireland, started to publish Leon in monthly development cycles and introduced the first version of API for 3rd party developers.


New office & mobile app

We moved to a bigger office and started to hire more developers.

Year 2012 was the breakthrough for the company. Leon gained recognition on the market and our sales increased. IOS app for crew members was introduced, followed by the development of Android app.


International premiere

The system had its international premiere. The first European and Asian air operators started to use Leon. We gained confidence about our product and decided to implement further improvements to meet our clients' needs.


Leon Software Ltdt

We founded Leon Software Ltd. and started to have a professional approach to the development of the application. In December 2007, Leon 2 was released. Also our current CTO, PaweĊ‚ Szmagaj joined the company. At that stage, the system was only offered on our domestic market, but we knew that we needed to further develop the system to make it ready for the international market.



At the starting point in 2005, we neither thought about creating a company nor about developing a scheduling software. There were four of us, all trained as pilots, but we were working as dispatchers and were thinking how to make our lives easier. We dispatched many different aircraft types from business jets to big airliners and there was no tool for doing that smoothly. We wanted a tool which is small enough not to be complicated and big enough to be better than a piece of paper.

 Our philosophy

Our main philosophy is to be focused on one field we know the best and to simply deliver better product in that area. Although we have many requests and proposals to get into other projects, we believe that the best approach is to make our main product better and better. We think there are a lot of cool features in the area of scheduling software to be introduced and we want to be part of that very specialized industry. We seek for constant improvement in our quality and customer support because we know that majority of customers are gained through positive references. Therefore, customer satisfaction is very crucial for us.

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Customer Support

We offer personal one-to-one support to all of our customers.

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