How do we work


We have several IT teams developing Leon in Agile methodology, incorporating some techniques of Scrum and Kanban as well. Each team is responsible for the particular group of functionalities in the application.

Each team works in 2-week sprints and we update Leon in such cycles. During each sprint, developed functions are tested internally and if tests are OK, we schedule to release on a beta server. If not, it is postponed to the next sprint.

On the day of releasing the beta version, we update our online manual and release news about new functions/updates via a newsletter on the application page. Beta version of Leon is available for customers under and we keep it there for one week before publishing to the production server (available under

If there are any serious issues found, we postpone publishing beta to the production server as long as necessary.

After completing a sprint, each team is planning development schedule for the next sprint from our backlog. The backlog is being supplemented by Product Owner based on general development plans, customers suggestions and bug fixes. That is why it usually takes a few sprints to deliver any new functionality or customisation to the production server.

Our current development cycle:

Leon development cycle