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A comprehensive toolset for each department

Airline Crew Management System

Flight Schedule Software

Highly configurable system adjusting to your workflow

We are delivering a web-based, flexible solution. Sales, Crew, OPS and Maintenance departments can find useful tools in one place. Aircraft Scheduling for Corporate Flight Departments & Management Companies.

We have divided the functionality into several key groups that every aircraft operator needs for respective departments. There was a time we divided these functionalities into modules but we realized that in the end majority of functions are expected anyway.

And we have designed our system to address these needs. Our scheduling software for aviation is a central information repository tool.

Airline Crew Management System

Advanced configuration 

Fine tune the application towards your organisation. Manage fleet, users, application access, AOCs, documents and emails layouts, automatic movement messages.

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Whether you are an aircraft owner, charter sales specialist, or crew member, you can always access up-to-date information from Leon using one of our mobile apps.

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