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No matter if your flight schedule is recurring one, five times a week, or runs biweekly, we have a tool to plan efficiently any kind of round the clock schedule.


Sched module

  • Create, modify and expand schedule on multiple days with ease
  • While creating new schedule, easily choose repeatability scheme and ICAO service type
  • New schedule can be created either within the specified days or can be limited by block hours
  • Add tags to provide additional information
  • Enter a code share flight number which will be visible in SSIM message
  • Import / Export your schedule using either SSIM IATA format or Excel files
  • Create new versions of your schedule with predefined name, description and client name
  • Choose between time zones in main Sched view
  • See more details of your flights with zoom in / out function
  • Easily publish your schedule to OPS module

  • Use built-in filter in order to display aircraft reservations, scheduled maintenance and to choose preferred airport code either from ICAO or IATA

The integrated solution for large scale scheduling

We have designed SCHED module with Airlines in mind. SCHED helps to streamline the complex process of planning and managing airline schedules.

Easy schedule version management

Create a schedule version where new schedules can be inserted either by uploading an SSIM or XLS file from a specific Client or by adding manually a new schedule without assigned aircraft.Select multiple versions of the schedule to preview in the SCHED overview.

Import Export

Import and export schedules from / to SSIM and XLS files.If there are changes to the previously uploaded schedule, the new upload will replace them.

Publishing flights

Easily publish your schedule to OPS module with just a few clicks.
Leon Sched module

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