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Frequently asked questions - subscription

How does the one-month free trial works?
You can sign up for a free one-month Leon's trial and enjoy access to all of the system's features with your fleet and users and your FTL rules implemented. No credit card is needed. We will notify you before your trial expires, and you can decide to subscribe to our paid plan or let your free trial expire.
How do I subscribe?

When your free trial is set you can activate the subscription at any moment in Settings -> Manage Leon Account simply by providing billing information, adding your credit card details and accepting Terms of Service. There is a video available that shows all of the needed steps:

How long does the installation take?

To save time the installation is done on your free trial account, so your fleet, users and FTLs are already there.

From the moment you decide to subscribe to the system, we install your logo on documents generated by Leon and we schedule online trainings for your team. It depends on your team's availability, but usually it takes up to 2 weeks to train your personnel and be able to use Leon system in full extent.

We start with trainings for admins where we help to set Leon system to reflect your Company's needs and structure. As a second stage we offer trainings for OPS, crew, sales and maintenance teams.

If you choose the premium installation option, you get a dedicated assistant (a member of our Customer Support team) who can visit you at your office or perform online trainings and configure your account according to your needs. In such case, due to personal assistance, the installation process is fully depandant on the Customer's needs, which may take longer due to personalised requirements.

What language does your support speak?

Because English is the official language of civil aviation all our support team members speak English.

Becase we are based in Poland we also speak Polish.

How do I arrange trainings?

You can simply contact our support team at  and book an online training time that suits you best.

You can have as many online trainings as needed at no extra cost. Onsite trainings are also an option, but they cost extra - 500 EUR per training day + HOTAC.
(We are located in WAW, Poland).

When do I get my first invoice?

Invoices are issued at the end of each month.

Aircraft with "active" status in the billed month are charged. The first invoice will be issued at the end of the first month of your subscription. It will be calculated proportionately to the number of days from the activation until the end of the first month. We send invoices to e-mail addresses of your choice.

You can also download invoices directly from Leon system. To do it please go to Settings -> Manage Leon Account -> Billing Statement.

How can I review my billing information?

You can check your billing information by signing in and going to Settings -> Manage Leon Account -> Billing Statement.

If you have any questions regarding your billing statement please contact .

Will I be charged any tax?

We are required to charge tax depending on your location. We charge VAT (Value Added Tax)

if your company is registered in Poland, because that's where we are registered.

For all other European Union's countries VAT is reverse charged, so it means that we don't charge VAT, but you need to pay VAT in the country of your registry.

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription plan, sign in and go to Settings -> Manage Leon Account page. Click "Cancel" auto renewal.

The service will continue until the end of the month that you have cancelled the subscription.

Frequently asked questions - working with Leon

How do I change the password?

Once you have logged in for the first time, click your name in top-right corner and click the link 'Change password'. In the pop-up window paste the old password, type a new one, confirm and click 'Change'.

Leon will email you a new password to the email address inserted in your user's profile, field 'Email > Work'.

How to change displaying schedule times from UTC to LT?

In the section OPS click 3-dots icon in top-right corner and switch to LT.

Can crew use Leon on the mobile phone?

Leon mobile application for iPhone, iPad and Android can be downloaded from the App store. Type 'Leon Software' in search box and install the application. To log in use the same credentials as for the Leon web version. Depending on the access level set up for crew, Leon mobile application shows flights, positionings & duties as well as maintenance & reservations. Crew can check flight's checklist, PAX details, Flight time limitations as well as add Journey Log data. 

Can we integrate with 3rd party vendors via Leon?

Leon is integrated with around 40 companies providing all kinds of services: Sales (Avinode, JetHunter, PrivateFly, ReturnJet, StrataJet, HelloJet), OPS (EuroFPL, Eurocontrol, PPS, RocketRoute), Schedule (SchedAero, AeroCRS, Videcom), Services (Drivania, MyHandling, UVair, Delisky), Risk management (FRMSc, Q5), Endorsements (Centrik, Scandlearn) or Maintenance (CAMP, ASA-AMOffice).

Can Leon inform my crew about new flights or changes in schedule?

Leon can send email notifications to crew about new flights, schedule and crew changes. You can define it in a section Settings > Flight Notifications.

Can Leon send MVT emails to clients or other recipients?

Leon can automatically send MVT emails to defined default recipients, as well as to clients and/or handling agents. MVT emails can also be sent out manually from Flight Watch panel. Each aircraft can have its own MVT rules and email templates defined. 

Can Leon inform our crew about their endorsements expiration?

Leon can send email notifications about any endorsement exipration. The email can be sent to crew themselves and also to selected people (i.e. crew planners). You can set up different time intervals (how many days before endorsement's expiry date Leon should send an email) for different endorsements, you can define different rules for emails sending and you can also include Airport Recencies and Online Familiarizations for email sending.

Can I set up Flight Time Limitations in Leon?

Yes, Leon monitors Flight Time Limitations for the crew. Details can be checked in OPS panel, Crew panel as well as in the mobile application. Amongst all FTL details, Leon checks limits such as: FDP, Cumulative block time & duty time, Rest before & after duty, 36h rest, FDP extensions, Next EOBT (Earliest Off Block Time), Cumulative days off. Any FTL violation is displayed as an alert in OPS flights list. All FTL violations are displayed in a special FTL Violations report (all crew) & FTL Sheet report (per a selected person).

Can Leon monitor crew currency?

Leon can monitor several types of currencies: 3 take-offs & landings in 90 days, 1 flight as CPT or FO, 5 IFR sectors for single-pilot operations or ILS cat II instrument approaches. Each operator can define number of days & take-offs, block hours or number of instrument approaches as well as for which aircraft type and cockpit position (CPT or FO) it should apply. A special report 'Crew Currency' report is available to view data for all crew or a selected person & selected type of currency.

Can I set up a different Leon access level for different departments?

In Leon you can create groups of users (Admins, OPS, Sales, Crew, Ground) and set up different access level for each single group, or a single user. You can prevent a particular group from viewing or editing data, set up 'Personal only' access (i.e. crew can view only flights they have been assigned to), give access to particular aircraft and disable access to other tails. You can also set up access to mobile application to crew members.