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Book and manage flights on the go
All crew essential information at their instant disposal.
Push notifications with changes acknowledgement. Works offline. Manage requests for quotes from the mobile application

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Leon Crew App

LEON is an application designed for crew members. It offers a mobile access to crew information entered by air operators into Leon system.

Leon is a software for aviation supporting aircraft operations fearuring many various functions that allow to run different procedures smoothly. It includes aiding in scheduling, aircraft and crew rostering, airplane dispatch, on-line flight watch, aircraft charter sales and many more. it consists of central database accessible through Internet in relation to users' privileges.

The new version of the LEON app has a new design and displays office duties that were missing in the previous version.

Leon Crew App
Leon Crew App

create, evaluate and send flight quotes

Leon Sales App

The Leon Sales mobile app is intended for Leon users involved in sales. The application allows you to create, evaluate and send flight quotes. It also allows you to communicate with charter brokers and clients.

Features include:

  • Manage RFQ (request for quote)

  • Quote flights

  • Send contract templates to clients

  • Send emails to clients

  • View requests and bookings

  • Chat to charter brokers

Leon system helps you to increase your sales efficiency and effectiveness. Enables your employees to track the sales process of every trip with sales checklists, quotes from Avinode and respond directly from the application.

The Leon Sales mobile app requires a Leon account. It is a paid subscription for sales professionals working in the aviation sector.

aircraft schedule for owners

Leon Owner App

Leon Owner mobile app has been created for the aircraft owners, for quick & smooth adding, viewing and editing of the owner Flight Requests.

Leon Owner App is a mobile application designed exclusively to meet the needs of aircraft owners who leave the management process and other operational aspects of the aircraft ownership to third parties.

Leon Owner App provides easy access to the aircraft schedule for owners, allowing them to request a flight and manage their bookings using the mobile phone. Flights created this way are available for further handling via Leon web platform.

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