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Advanced configuration

Fine tune the application towards your organisation. Manage fleet, users, application access, AOCs, documents and emails layouts, automatic movement messages.

Flight Scheduling Software

Advanced configuration module

  • Setup access level for Leon users using Privileges settings. Create as many privilege groups as needed. Check changes history for a timestamp, who make the change and the setting changed
  • Tailor checklists configuration using CQL - Checklist Query Language - to determine when particular checklist items are to be applied
  • Use 'Due Dates' feature that gives a possibility to configure the 'Request Due Date' and the Completion Due Date' for selected checklist items
  • Use item emailing option to send requests directly from the checklist item
  • Attach a URL link to a checklist item
  • Use manually generated API keys for 'in-house' integrations
  • Manage and customise documents and email templates using TWIG / HTML and CSS
  • Use mailboxes to have an access to all emails sent out from/to Sales and OPS module (excluding Handling Requests)
  • Configure SSIM messages to allow sending ASM & PSS messages
  • Ask Leon`s Support TM to configure complex FTL engine
Leon Advanced configuration module

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