At the starting point in 2005, we neither thought about creating a company nor about developing a scheduling software. There were four of us, all trained as pilots and dispatchers. We were thinking how to make our lives easier and replace manual work in the dispatch process. We wanted a tool which would be small enough not to be overly complicated and big enough to be better than a piece of paper.

Two of us were managing a trip support company and invited another two to create a simple system. This is how the software started. It was a small in-house piece of software for the purpose of the trip support company. Later on, we have added the possibility for their customers to review the schedule. After a while, it was clear that there is a gap on the market and we wanted to cover it.

Today we are still focused on improving our software. After years of development, many new functionalities have been introduced and many others rewritten. We are still trying to meet the industry's latest standards.

Our philosophy

Our main philosophy is to be focused on one field we know best and to simply deliver a better product in that area. Although we have many requests and proposals to get into other projects, we believe that the best approach is to make our main product better and better. We think there are many great features in the area of scheduling software still to be introduced and we want to play a large role in achieving that.

We seek for constant improvement in a quality of our product and customer support because we know that majority of clients come to us through positive references. Therefore, customer satisfaction is very crucial to us.