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16 May 2024

Euro Jet and Leon Software Integration for Improved Flight Support Services

Flight support services are very popular in the aviation industry and are used by a large number of air carriers. There are significant benefits when both the customer and the service provider use the same flight management software, as it enables close collaboration while maintaining oversight of every operational detail. Therefore, the cooperation between Leon Software and Euro Jet will definitely simplify the work of air operators with a more efficient and secure automatic data exchange.

Euro Jet and Leon Software Integration

Optimizing Private Air Travel: The Crucial Role of Flight Support

Private carriers often require flight support services for a variety of reasons, especially when navigating the complexities of international operations that necessitate overflight and landing permits. Precise flight and diversion planning are crucial for safety and efficiency, particularly across long distances or in adverse conditions. Additionally, services such as quick refueling during technical stops, access to VIP and crew amenities, customized in-flight catering, and comprehensive ground support ensure both passenger comfort and operational smoothness

These services are particularly vital for carriers transporting high-profile passengers or engaging in cargo transport, requiring specialized handling. Moreover, flight support services facilitate compliance with aviation regulations and handle emergency or ad hoc requests, enabling private carriers to focus on their core mission of providing safe and comfortable air travel while expertly managing logistical challenges.

Euro Jet, renowned globally for its expertise in comprehensive flight support services, is dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of private carriers. Its extensive portfolio and deep experience position it to assist private carriers under virtually any circumstances.

Efficient and Secure Data Exchange with Leon Software

Providing an integrated platform that manages a wide range of tasks including schedules, sales, dispatch, crew, maintenance and reporting, Leon Software has become a cornerstone for hundreds of aviation companies worldwide. This digital flight management system is critical to both planning and operational processes, providing comprehensive insight into the current status of an airline's fleet, flight plans, crew assignments and overall flight performance.

The collaboration with Euro Jet enables instant and secure data exchange between the airline and the flight support company. Direct access to Leon’s comprehensive data repository enables Euro Jet to tailor its services to the needs of each flight, ensuring that all flight support activities are synchronized with the carrier's operations, and eliminating duplicate data entry. On the other hand, air carriers have access to detailed information on additional services directly from the system. The partnership between Leon and Euro Jet not only simplifies operational workflows, but also ensures that flight support services are more accessible and efficiently managed, streamlining the process for airlines to maintain operational excellence and passenger comfort.

About Euro Jet

Founded in 2008, Euro Jet is a prominent provider of ground support services in its core region of Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia, and has expanded to offer these services globally. Serving executive jet operators, commercial airlines, cargo airlines and more, Euro Jet caters to corporate, VIP, government and military clients, among others. The company is committed to building long-term partnerships through trust, underscored by its dedication to transparent pricing, reliable service, a unique network of locations, and customized solutions tailored to each client's needs.

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