What is Scandlearn?

Scandlearn provides out-of-the-box tools which give Crew Managers functionality to manage all the training needs, channels, user management, training distributions, health checks, qualifications, and scheduling - all in one place.

How the integration works? 

Integration allows importing Crew Endorsement from Scandlearn to Leon.

Once the integration is completed, Leon will upload the endorsements from Scandlearn. Leon will not replace existing endorsements with the uploaded ones but will create additional records. It is Client's choice to remove the relevant ones.

Leon runs a script every 24h checking if there were any changes in Scandlearn:

  • Changes to existing endorsements - any changes to matching endorsement in Scanlearn will update the expiry date of the same endorsement in Leon
  • New endorsement in Scandlearn - if there is a new endorsement added in Scandlearn, Leon will update the relevant User(s) record with the new one

Endorsements are matched by the crew email address in both systems.

If you would like to learn more about Scandlearn please visit https://scandlearn.com