FuelerLinx has helped hundreds of flight departments save time and money by automating many manual tasks. Since its inception, FuelerLinx has grown to include multi-leg tankering, proximity mapping, software integration, and numerous other features that help save customers valuable time and money.

FuelerLinx gives dispatchers and pilots the tools they need to implement cost-saving measures quickly and effectively by comparing all possible fuel prices (including contract and FBO direct deals) across all locations. Through our proprietary Multi-Leg Tankering Calculator, FuelerLinx provides flight departments with an optimized tankering plan that takes into consideration fuel price differentials at multiple airports, aircraft performance data, IFR reserves, tankering penalties, and ramp fee/avoidance.

How the integration works?

Integrated with most scheduling software systems, FuelerLinx is packed with additional features, such as an interactive alternate fuel proximity map, market analysis tools, and accounting reconciliation features that make FuelerLinx a one-stop shop for anyone that wants to make fuel purchasing as easy as a few clicks of the mouse.

If you would like to learn more about FuelerLinx please visit https://fuelerlinx.com