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24 Jul 2023

Revolutionize your aircraft maintenance and data management with Leon and REDiFly

With Leon Software as your central source of information, you have all your flight data in one place, easy to store, maintain and manage. Many integrations expand your ability to optimize your operations. Thanks to the cooperation between Leon and REDiFly, you can now easily get started with Electronic Technical Logbook (ETL), a cutting-edge solution that changes the way flight data is recorded and transferred.


Replace pen and paper with reliable, convenient ETL

Aircraft technical logbooks are the primary source of each flight's technical and operational data. They are the crucial records for fault reports, maintenance activities, and aircraft servicing. Yet despite technological advancements, many airlines and aviation companies still rely on the traditional method of recording this critical information – pen and paper.

The use of manual logbooks has resulted in a disconnected and error-prone process. Delays in data transfer, handwriting errors, and the need for physical storage limit access to one person at a time. Handwritten entries are not searchable, so their potential for data analytics remains untapped.

With ETL by REDiFly flight tech and cabin crew can electronically log and search accurate data in real or near real-time, minimizing errors and delays while optimizing data management. It also provides cost savings and operational efficiencies by enabling direct communication between the hangar and the cockpit.

Just-in-time maintenance scheduling

Using ETL, accurate defect information can be captured and transmitted as it occurs, allowing maintenance teams to plan and investigate problems before the aircraft arrives at its destination. Better data management enables more efficient forecasting and planning, and accurate maintenance scheduling ensures that tasks are performed when they are needed. ETL provides you with access to the current maintenance status of your aircraft and gives the air operator complete transparency regarding timecards, forecasting, and real-time information including hours, cycles, fuel, service, defects, maintenance, and billing.

ETL users point out that digital logbooks have a significant impact on the team workflow by reducing workload. Secure backups ensure that the data remains safe and accessible whenever needed while the centralised platform allows for managing compliance with regulatory requirements related to aircraft maintenance and operations. The system can be configured to automatically track and log compliance-related events, such as inspections, repairs, and maintenance activities, as well as generate reports and notifications to ensure that all stakeholders are aware of compliance-related issues.

Seamless data exchange between Leon and ETL

The seamless integration between the systems has enabled fully automated data exchange that works in both directions. As information is entered into Leon's system, it is automatically pulled into ETL and vice versa. This real-time exchange ensures efficient and accurate data transfer.

An important benefit of this integration is the ease of obtaining accurate takeoff and landing data that accurately reflects the actual time the aircraft is in the air. Because data doesn't have to be entered twice, it reduces staff workload and minimizes the risk of errors. This integration also eliminates inconsistencies between systems, eliminating the need for time-consuming corrections and ensuring consistency across the board.

About Integrated Aviation Systems

Integrated Aviation Systems was founded in 2016 with offices in Wollerau, Switzerland (HQ) & Dundalk, Ireland. We have developed the REDiFly Electronic Technical Logbook, which works on all operating systems assisting air operators to become fully connected and data-driven operators.

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