If you are a cargo operator, Leon is a perfect solution designed to address several aspects of your business model, including your workflow, schedules, documentation and reporting.

Leon System Cargo Screen 2

Complete Cargo Charter Sales

You are able to manage the entire Cargo Charter Sales process in Leon, from quoting to invoicing. You can configure your pricelists, create numerous sales e-mail templates and set every detail of your Cargo Charter sales documents to be used in various scenarios (for example in different languages). 

Flexible Cargo Checklist Items

Each flight is supported by the checklist with cargo-specific items. You can define default items that apply to all flights but also modify them individually per each flight when needed. You can add files and notes, moreover, Leon keeps a history of all changes to the checklist. 

Easy Cargo Load Display

You can see all your cargo and ferry flights on one screen. At one glance you know what is the amount of cargo that each flight has on-board. Both OPS Table and OPS Calendar views provide you with a comfortable and intuitive display.  

Detailed Cargo Reports

You can setup to see all your cargo flights in one report. Add additional criteria such as a report with flights performed just for one client. You can toggle between kg and lb, see all planned flights and all completed journeys. Schedule automatic reports and take the burden of manual report creation from your team.   

Expand your business with Leon