Charter brokers have a dedicated toolset for their line of business. We have enhanced Leon with extended features, designed to support brokers in their day-to-day operations. Oversee the whole sales process and communicate with your clients and partners efficiently.

Leon System For Brokers

Communication with clients and operators

Having a top-notch, personalised communication with each party involved in the selling process is a must. At Leon, we provide users with fully customizable solutions, including templates for flight documents, emails, MVT messages and much more.

Every flight sold at a glance

By implementing broker workflow, we have developed a clear overview of the whole sales process. The Bookings view offers easy access to information on every flight sold, with the flight watch data available for chartered flights.

The way to handle charter sales

Leon boasts an advanced toolset for selling charter flights. From an integration with marketplaces such as Avinode, to efficient quote handling and a number of head-turning integrated solutions (including cryptocurrency payments and paperless signing), you can enjoy a complete sales process coverage.

Sales data at your fingertips

Take full control of your contact base, with an easily manageable database for clients and their representatives. Analyse the conversion rate and efficiency of your activities using historical data, booking ratio and revenue.

Expand your business with Leon