Aircraft Management Software

If you are a scheduled operator, your team will definitely enjoy the toolset we have developed. No matter if you are looking for perpetual flight scheduling, crew planning or a dispatcher tool, we provide you with a complete suite to address your requirements.

Leon System For Scheduled Operators

Scheduling on a large scale

No matter if your flight schedule is recurring one, five times a week, or runs biweekly, we have a tool to plan efficiently any kind of round the clock schedule. SCHED supports creating new ones, managing many of them at the same time and publishing for a smooth transition to the OPS module.

Your one-stop for crew planning

Roster your crew in a most efficient, comprehensive way with Crew Panel. Organise duties of your team in drafts before publishing, add positionings, handle duty requests and notify crew members about any changes with automated notification messages.

Everything your operations need

Leon is bursting with features supporting your daily operations. Advanced FTL tracking with automated notifications, managing endorsements, flight watch information through EUROCONTROL or ARINC, advanced schedule reporting - we have it all.

Mobile application for your team

Boost the communication in your team by introducing Leon mobile app for crew members. Let your crew browse duties offline, access the schedule, endorsements, FTL calculations and much more.

Expand your business with Leon