Leon is a perfect solution for any Trip Support company, designed to address several aspects of flight support provider’s business model, including his workflow, communication scheme and pricing policy.

Leon System For For Trip Support Companies

Take full command over your service

Leon provides you with tools for efficient management of an external fleet, allowing a better collaboration between the flight support and its ad-hoc and consistent client base. Keep your clients in the loop by supplying them with guest logins, granting them basic access to the application.

Tailored to your needs

Configure every detail of your service model in Leon. Define services you offer alongside with their pricing and connect them with the OPS checklist for a smooth handling afterwards. Items from the checklist will be consequently included in billing sheet documents.

Automated and scalable

Your portfolio of AOC holders is getting bigger and bigger? Speed up the handling process even further by defining default services as well as visual indicators for each of your operators.

Advanced billing sheets

We help you with setting up and delivering settlements to your clients. Enjoy the automated and streamlined billing process as data included in the pricing configuration (e.g. overflight and landing permits) and through the dispatch is also reflected on billing sheet documents.

Expand your business with Leon