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Your one-stop for all things Crew. We have integrated a complete functionality for crew planning and control into an intuitive, reliable toolset that keeps everyone in the loop, while providing assistance with the management of duty roster, endorsements and FTLs.


Crew module

  • schedule crew duties for a selected period of time using ‘ Crew calendar’
  • use advanced filtering to adjust view depending on your preference
  • create a draft of the roster and publish with a single click once is ready
  • create duties either for particular tail or aircraft fleet
  • auto-roster crew by position type
  • define default time frames for the Freelancers contracts
  • copy and paste duties from one crew member to another
  • clone existing duties in ‘Crew Calendar by resizing selected duty
  • see FTL warnings and cautions
  • check crew currency
  • print Crew Roster with a effective date time stamp
  • see all the data you need for the planning of duties for the crew in ‘Crew Timeline’
  • easily identify Airport/ Crew discontinuity whenever the last sector does not correspond with the next airport of take off
  • using ‘Crew Timeline’ easily manage hotel reservations
  • record flights as line training and line check in ‘Crew timeline’ section
  • using ‘Qualification’ section have a quick overview of the Crew Endorsements, Airport Recency, Online Familiarization & currency requirements
  • easily check the history of changes made to the endorsement
  • keep track of your crew member`s flight experience outside of your company
  • benefit from the integrations with 3rd party providers such as Centrik, Scandlearn or Universal Aviation Training
  • easily check past, current and future duties using ‘Work Schedule’
  • export a list of all flights performed in selected period of time using ‘ My logbook export’

A complete crew planning suite

Manage your roster in a most efficient, comprehensive way. Organise duties of your team, add positionings, handle duty requests and notify crew members about any changes with automated notification messages.

Crew data in
one place

Track every single crew endorsement required to fly legally, alongside with airport requirements, required simulator sessions and every other detail. Have your team notified if they are nearing expiry dates.

Advanced Flight Time Limitations tracking

Have peace of mind as every single regulation on crew duty limits included in your Operations Manual is reflected in Leon. Keep notified of any irregularities through automated warnings and notices and use this data for the purpose of compliance management. With Leon, hundreds of AOC holders stay compliant with authorities all around the globe.

Fluid communication with Leon Mobile app

Your crew members are always up to speed on their duties with our mobile application, available for both Android and Apple devices. Let your team browse their duties offline, or upload Journey Log after the flight. Having an on-the-go access to their schedule, endorsements, FTL calculations, PAX data and even checklist items is another huge boon for the whole team.
Leon Crew module

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