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With Leon you can efficiently manage and communicate your maintenance data.


Maintenance module

  • check general details of the fleet including Type, registration, TAH & TAC for airframe and engines

  • insert the limits for next maintenance
  • monitor Oil consumption and generate reports
  • create and manage fleet documents list with ease
  • indicate a documents that are needed for dispatch
  • in OPS section, Leon will highlight aircraft registration whenever document is either expired or is due to expire in less than 30 days
  • check the history of uploaded files
  • add Hold Item List in order Leon to keep history of each aircraft limitations
  • benefit form with 3rd party integrations such as CAMP

Your fleet maintenance data in one place

Leon may serve as a central repository for your fleet maintenance data, including fleet documents and CAM information (TAH, TAC as well as APU hours).

Providing data for your departments

Every department in your company should be well-informed about the upcoming scheduled maintenance or an open HIL item. Your OPS will receive an appropriate heads-up, while the Sales team will also know the exact amount of flight hours available on a basis of CAM limits added.

Hold Item List feature

an open MEL with operational limitations may affect the possibility to perform a flight. Maintenance department can add MEL items in Leon with details that might be necessary for the OPS department during flight preparation.

Integrated with dedicated software

We support a dedicated maintenance software, such as CAMP and TRAXXALL, for an easy integration and exporting of the post-flight data such as airframe, engines and APU TAH & TAC.
Leon Maintenance module

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