We have just started rolling out a new version of Leon. Over the next few days, customers will be gradually switched to a new version of Leon. If you find a function not working as expected, please write an e-mail to


  • E-MAILS - it is now possible to send OPS requests using your own OPS mailbox (it does not apply to Handling Requests), they can also be saved in your outbox
  • E-MAILS - the visual editor is available for OPS Checklist e-mails such as Fuel Requests, PAX Transport requests, etc, making them easy to format using HTML
  • CHECKLIST - General Declaration can be sent from the checklist, using the "GenDec" checklist item. Once it is sent, the status of the item will change to 'Requested'
  • MULTI-LEG REQUESTS - requests group tooltip shows colour-coded request statuses per supplier, and data is presented in a more readable manner
  • TIMELINE - Client and Representative information will now be available in the flight's tooltip
  • FLIGHT WATCH - times in the tooltip are now also displayed in LT


  • SUBCHARTER - it is possible to set subcharter operator's ICAO code for subcharter flight, this information will be taken from Avinode if available
  • E-MAILS - sending sales documents to more than one recipient has been simplified; requester and representative's e-mail addresses will be suggested automatically
  • QUOTES - integrations with MySky is available for two-way quote price updates
  • QUOTES - PAX number update in OPS will show a yellow bar, informing about the change and allowing to update the quote details
  • MVT MESSAGES - MVT messages can be sent using your mailbox, and can be saved in your outbox
  • AIRCRAFT FEES - New items: 'Contribution' and 'Ice, water, newspapers' are available now


  • EDIT PERSON - 'Postal Code' and 'Country' fields have been added to the Crew / PAX edit window
  • USER EDIT - new tab 'Experience' is available in the User Edit window, allowing you to enter crew members' previous or external company experience. More details here
  • USER EDIT - new tab 'Documents' has been added, containing all personal documents of the Crew member or PAX
  • REPORTS - new report 'Crew Staffing Plan' is available now. More information here
  • REPORTS - new report 'Crew Currency Summary' is available, showing currency summary for all active crew members. More information here
  • REPORTS - flight times data has been added to the FTL Sheet report
  • SIMULATORS - simulator type and attachments can be added to SIM sessions
  • LOGBOOK - 'My Logbook Export' can include Approach Type, as entered in the JL


  • EDIT CONTACT - it is possible to add and modify details of the contact's national ID


  • PAX - passenger's DoB will be visible. Moreover, PAX celebrating a birthday on the day of flight will be marked with the DoB in bold and a gift icon
  • FLIGHT - possibility to generate documents for flights that ended more than 24 hours before 'now' has been disabled


  • RESERVATIONS - new scope 'Reservations' is available in Report Wizard. More information here
  • INVOICES - new columns 'Assignee', 'Margin', 'Third Party Commission', 'Operator Price' (for subcharter), and 'Aircraft' (for subcharter) are now available in scope 'Invoices & Credit Notes'


  • MAILBOXES - it is possible to set up a mailbox without IMAP (SMTP only). It will allow Leon to send messages, however, the reply will not be visible
  • MX REPORTS - new column 'Status' (Active or Closed) is now visible in the 'HIL Flights' report

Apart from the above-mentioned features, we have also made changes to Leon API which can be reviewed under this changelog link