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05 Dec 2022

Leon 127 released

We have just started rolling out a new version of Leon. Over the next few days, customers will be gradually switched to a new version. If you find a function not working as expected, please let us know via the Customer Portal


  • FLIGHT BRIEF - sending a Flight Brief from the Sales module will be changing ‘Flight Brief’ sales checklist item status automatically to 'Sent'
  • SUBCHARTERS - Leon will show Trip Number in quote's edition section, as well as in OPS Calendar & OPS Timeline


  • EUROCONTROL - changes in uploading data from the Eurocontrol. Now, also the regulation location category and IATA delay cause will be downloaded from Eurocontrol
  • OPS CHECKLIST - there will be a searching field when adding a new item to the Checklist
  • OPS CHECKLIST - it will be possible to book a hotel directly via email, by clicking the ‘Request’ button, not only through The status of the checklist will be changed automatically to ‘Requested’ upon sending a message
  • FILTER - Simulators will be moved from the 'Flight type', to the ‘Show on schedule’ section
  • MESSAGES - the unread messages indication will be shown also in the OPS Timeline & OPS Calendar view
  • JOURNEY LOG - new approaches available: EFVS-A & EFVS-L
  • JOURNEY LOG - there will be a possibility to enter the 'OFPL flight time' to the JL - this item will also be available in the 'Report Wizard'


  • CREW CALENDAR - while expanding duty by dragging, there will be a pop up window with information about already existing flights and will allow to choose particular flights and the ratings for the crew member
  • CREW CALENDAR - it will be possible to check the history of duty approval. Such information will be added to the Activity Details option
  • CREW CURRENCY REPORT - we restored a possibility to filter this report by an aircraft type
  • CREW TIMELINE - there will be a possibility to check FTL details for the option flight (not confirmed) - Leon will show FTLs only for the particular checked option
  • CREW PROFILE - it will be possibile to mark the VISA as multientry by marking a checkbox


  • DUTY REQUESTS - it will be possibile to search by the type of the duty


  • There will be a possibility to filter contact by the category, i.e. Client, Crew, PAX
  • A new column showing labels will be added


  • There will be new columns available for 'Quote' scope, like: Flight No, RFQ creating month/year and booking month/year, assignee code and base of the person who is in charge for the certain quotation. There will be aslo sum up of the Block Time and Block Time Hourly Price, based on JL data, and the ICAO flown route. Moreover, there will be a possibility, to sum up the Block Time column and the Custom Currency Price, as well.


  • EMAIL TEMPLATES - there will be a possibility to choose the Trip / RFQ number for the template edition
  • FLEET - there will be a new field in the BASIC tab allowing to add the aircraft painting information

Apart from the above-mentioned features, we have also made changes to Leon API which can be reviewed under this changelog link

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