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20 Nov 2023

Leon 152 released

We have just started rolling out a new version of Leon. Over the next few days, customers will be gradually switched to a new version. If you find a function not working as expected, please let us know via the Customer Portal


  • SHOW SCHEDULE - 'BCC' field will be added to the 'Show Schedule' window
  • FLIGHT TIME - it will be possible to get 'Flight Time' value updated based on Foreflight calculation. It applies only to operators with active Foreflight add-on


  • DRAFTS - it will be possible to clear all draft changes within selected period, for selected crew members
  • CREW CALENDAR - additional date range presets for last 14 days, last 28 days and last 84 days will be added


  • JOURNEY LOG - settings applicable to JLs will be moved from 'Flight Editing' section to the newly implemented 'Journey Log' section. More information here
  • PRIVILEGES - changes history will be added to 'Privileges' section


  • FLIGHT - we will add taxes to the 'Flight' scope. There will be a separate column per tax
  • QUOTE - a new filter showing booked quotes will be implemented
  • TRIPS - a new column 'AOC', showing aircraft's AOC will be added
  • TRIPS - a new filter 'AOC' to filter trips by aircraft's AOC will be added


  • MISC / OTHER - it will be possible to add notes and files to each country


  • SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE - we will add a feature allowing you to automatically remove aircraft from flights overlapping with scheduled maintenance


  • CLOCK OUT REMINDER - a push notification with a reminder to clock-out will be added at the end of the duty period, when the clock-out is required

Apart from the above-mentioned features, we have also made changes to Leon API which can be reviewed under this changelog link

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