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17 Dec 2012

Leon 2.12 released

A new 2.12 beta version of Leon has just been released. You can check it under web address. You can follow a list of changes below. If you find a function not working as expected, please let our support know about it (). If beta tests are satisfactory, we are planning to release the stable version in about a week. We appreciate your help in testing the newest version

  • "Created By:" information in notifications has been reprogrammed to work more precisely
  • 'Delete' button has been added to the 'Quotations-Price List' page
  • 'Expiry date' column has been added to the 'Custom fuel price' section in 'Fuel prices' screen
  • 'Schedule' page in the 'Flights' section can be exported now also to Excel
  • 3 new boxes:status,type of flight and aircraft type have been added to the filter in 'Custom Flights List' report
  • Added endorsements validity periods suggestions
  • Clients' logos are going to have better resolution on Leon documents
  • Colour picker bug has been fixed
  • FDP summary added to Commanders Brief / Trip Sheet
  • Fix: TLB data entry has been fixed (is was possible not to enter date and it was stored as year 1970)
  • Important for For UK operators - Fields 'County' and 'gar_email' have been added in Airport Directory screen. The fields will automatically populate with data when sending GARs
  • In 'Fuel Report' a full name of the airport is displayed
  • In Pax Lists changed notes will turn red
  • In notifications information about selected UTC or LT was added
  • It is possible to filter 'CO2 Emissions' report by the flight number
  • Menu bar has been modified. It is the first step that will allow introduction of Leon 3 in the first quarter of 2013
  • Now on flights list, you can select legs and then show schedule for them which you can easily copy to clipboard and paste to your mail
  • On 'FTL Sheet' report you can filter results by function type (cockpit, cabin)
  • Planning crew on flight as STB function won't affect their position
  • The checkbox 'Inside EU only' has been added to the filter in 'Aircraft Flights' report
  • The colour of the option in 'Planned Flights' screen will remain the same regardless the operation type
  • The filter in 'Crew-Endorsements' screen has been modified: boxes 'Sort by' and 'Expired in' have been added
  • The function Supervisor has been expanded. From now it is posiblle to have both Sales Supervisor and OPS Supervisor

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