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15 May 2014

Leon 3.11 released

  • Leon will suggest STA time based on GCD with average winds included
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  • In 'OPS > Airport Directory > FBO/Handling' you can set the approval expiry date for appropriate handling agents/FBOs read more
  • The section 'Sales > Avinode' has changed into 'Sales > Schedule Export' and the option 'Reposition acft to homebase' works for other partners integrated with Leon (Returnjet, Victor, Privatefly, Stratajet)
  • We have added Canadian Dollar (CAD) to all currency lists in Leon
  • 'Duty Time' column has been added to the 'Crew Duty' report
  • It is possible to view STD/STA times in LT, in 'Crew Input Table' section (if the option is selected in the filter)
  • Gender column has been added to the 'Pax Manifest' document
  • A new report 'Flights Changes' has been added to Leon in the section 'Reports > Flights Statistics'
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  • Notes added in the field 'Airport category note', in the section 'OPS > Airport Directory > Edit Airport' will appear on 'Trip Sheet' document read more
  • A new field 'Notes' has been added to airport opening hours in the section 'OPS > Airport Directory > General Airport Information'
  • We have added an option to generate 'Pax data' inserted manually to Leon (in 'Legs Info > Pax' section) on the 'Pax Manifest' document read more
  • The number of checklist items (in 'Legs Info' section) for positionings and office duties has been reduced to minimum read more
  • A new field 'Exclude flight No.' has been added to the filter in the 'Custom Flights List' report
  • Fuel card 'Mariah' has been replaced by 'AEG FUELS' (section 'Handling > Fuel prices') due to takeover
  • Deleted users will not appear in the section 'Privileges' (when editing groups)
  • This release also includes bug fixes and minor improvements

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