A new 3.14 version of Leon will be released today in a few hours. This release includes many important changes (mainly in the Airport Directory and Handling Requests) that couldn't be tested on beta version. Therefore the release goes directly on www.leon.aero. If you have any comments about the new features please write an e-mail to .

  • Editing airport information is now possible from a new section - it is no longer available in 'OPS > Airport Directory'
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  • A new 'Handling Requests' feature is now available in both versions of Leon
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  • We have improved feature 'Per Diems' with new options
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  • In the section 'Planned Flights' ferry routes (airport codes) are displayed in bold blue
  • Aircraft registration will appear on top of the screen, in all tabs (Edit Aircraft Data, Aircraft Docs, MVT Emails, CAM)
  • User's name will appear on top of the section 'User Profile' in all tabs
  • We have added new options in receiving notifications about flight changes
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  • 'Pax Information' document has its name put on top with large, bold fonts
  • 'Quotation' number also appears in the tab 'Quotation' in 'Planned Flights > Edit Trip'
  • 'POS' for repositioning duties (with the bus icon on Flights List) will appear in the notification email in front of the repositioning duty number and schedule details
  • In iOS and Android applications we have diverted displaying of colours of confirmed flights (now in green) and options (now in yellow)