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20 Aug 2013

Leon 3.2 released

A new 3.2 beta version of Leon has been released. You can check it under web address and follow a list of changes below. Today we will publish it to

  • A new option has been added to Leon: 'Home Base Handling Request' available in the section 'Handling'
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  • Crew duty planner is able to delete different types of crew duty requests at one stroke in 'Crew Duties' section. The same applies to requests made by crew members
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  • A new status was added in the checklist '-' ('Untouched') - when adding a new flight, all statuses in 'Legs Info' section will be set as '-' by default
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  • Timeline view has been improved. Now additional gray background is available every second day for easier date identification. Also 2 weeks date range added
  • Leon was programmed to import Satcom movements
  • A new field 'ID card' was added in user's profile screen, section 'General'
  • It is possible to add 'Manual' files to particular groups of users. Uploaded files can be open in the profile page
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  • If you make any changes in crew assigment on a flight, the 'Crew aware of trip' status in 'Legs Info' will get turned from 'ACK" to '?'
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  • 'Pax characteristics' details (favourites) added to pax in 'Phonebook' -> 'Pax Database' (automatically displayed when adding pax in 'Legs Info') will get exported to the 'Trip Sheet' document
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  • Changing the status of a single leg within one trip will result in changing the status of the whole trip
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  • AC-U-KWIK database import has been optimized to be more efficient and faster
  • Bug fixes and improvements

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