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26 May 2015

Leon 3.22 released

A new 3.22 version of Leon has just been released. You can check it under web address and follow a list of changes below. If you find a function not working as expected, please write an e-mail to .

  • Because NEW LEON is under construction it is going to be available only on until it is developed and merged with the current Leon functions
  • Handling agents can now confirm receiving HR email from Leon by clicking 'Confirm Handling' button (placed at the bottom of the HR email)
  • We have improved email notifications - aircraft registration appears in the email title and 'Delay' data inserted in 'Flight Watch' also is included
  • Adding or changing crew on 'Commercial Orders' flights does not cut off the link to the order itself - modyfing a commercial order will also affect flights where crew members were added/changed before
  • It is possible to export completed flights to mccPilotlog
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  • We have added additional time format to Control Tower Hours
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  • Manual update of Handling status will update HR History
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  • A new option for 'Flight Support Operators' has been added to 'Airport Directory' section
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  • If want to benefit from Leon's integration with myhandling you can set it in 2 easy steps
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  • All reports have been sorted alphabetically
  • A new report 'Average oil consumption' has been added to Leon
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  • We have added a new checkbox 'AOC' to the section 'Edit Flight'
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  • In 'Experience Table' (in user's profile) Flight Hours are calculated automatically for particular aircraft and for the 'Total' value as well
  • It is possible to include trip notes to a notification email (Admin > Notifications > tab Trip > checkbox 'Notes'). You can add such info to section 'Planned Flights > tab Notes' in column 'Trip Summary'
  • An aircraft with an open HIL item appears in 'Planned Flights' section in orange background
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  • Currencies have been sorted alphabetically (i.e. in sections Quotations, Functions, Operator Settings, Refuelings)
  • Leon issues a warning if you want to add a flight with an open HIL item assigned to the aircraft
  • 'Days Off' red warning-line in section 'Crew Duties' can be defined in 3 ways:
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  • It is possible to add ETA to MVT email sent in format SATCOM: i.e. ETA: 11-Jun-2013 0900 UTC / 11-Jun-2013 1100 LCL
  • In section 'Crew > Endorsements' you can now filter data also by crew surname
  • It is possible to filter data by aircraft type in both 'Cosmic Radiation' reports
  • The release also includes bug fixes and minor improvements

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