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20 Oct 2015

Leon 3.27 released

A new 3.27 beta version of Leon has just been released. You can check it under web address and follow a list of changes below. If you find a function not working as expected, please write an e-mail to . If beta tests are satisfactory, we are planning to release the stable version in about a week. We appreciate your help in testing the newest version.

  • Adding new flights, positionings & office duties has changed
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  • Crew currency monitoring has been re-arranged
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  • An important change in 'Rest' appearance in FTL tab (section Edit Flight)
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  • You can now define non-working days which will be highlighted in sections: Crew Duties, Crew Activities & Planned Flights
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  • Airports codes displaying on documents can be defined now in Admin > Operator Settings
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  • We have updated Handling Requests template
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  • Details of the aircraft owner can be added to fleet data and get displayed on Handling Requests form
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  • Leon warns about expired crew currency when saving a new flight
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  • Leon will show a warning (section Crew > Ratings) if you try to delete rating/ratings of a crew member assigned to future type-rated duty on position you are about to remove
  • Section 'Fleet Planning' can be filtered by an aircraft registration. All tails can be selected to appear as well
  • We have added a new column 'Company' to 'Phonebook > Pax Database' section. It is possible to filter the list by a particular company
  • 'Practical Trainings' & 'Online Trainings' can also be included in endorsements email notifications. Mark appropriate checkboxes in section 'Crew > Endorsements >Email Notifications
  • Client's name will appear in Legs Info screen, right above 'Trip Supplementary Info' field
  • In report 'FTL Sheet' if FDP was extended it will appear as i.e. 13:00+
  • Labels assigned in users profiles will also appear in section 'Crew Duties', right below the name
  • In 'Phonebook' it is also possible to sort names by 'crew'
  • You can add Company contacts at the stage of creating a new Company in the Phonebook
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  • In the report 'CO2 Emission'you can define in the filter default weight of passengers (adults, males, females, children & infants)
  • We have added possibility of choosing Timezone in Control Tower Hours in Airport Directory
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  • A wrench-icon appearing on menu bar will turn orange if a new message arrives
  • Report 'Flight Changes' has been renamed as 'Schedule Changes Summary' and has been moved to Admin as a separate section
  • We have added 2 extra columns to report 'Crew Block Time': Total Time on Type (turned on in the filter) and Total PIC Time
  • In a report 'Custom Flights List' we have added a new drop-down box 'Show AOC legs' - you can filter flights without AOC (those with the checkbox AOC unmarked in Edit Flight screen)
  • Section 'Crew Input Table' can now be filtered by either legs or trips as well as by the aircraft registration
  • A new column 'Login' has been added to section 'Admin > Users'
  • We have introduced a special option in 'Messages' panel
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  • We are able to implement your own email notification template (section Admin > Notifications). Email our Support dept for more details
  • In the report FTL Sheet 'Rest before duty - Min' & 'FDP - Max' are explained when you hover the mouse over the value
  • We have integrated with HelloJet (to visit their website clik here). By offering an interface to HelloJet, Leon allows operators to easily connect to charter customers. If you want this option to be enabled, please contact the Leon support
  • Aircraft defined as 'not used' in Admin > Fleet Edit will not appear in section MX > Fleet Planning
  • In the report 'Sales > Aircraft Availability' column 'Downtime' will also include reservation type 'No crew'
  • The release also includes bug fixes and minor improvements

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