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19 Nov 2013

Leon 3.5 released

A new 3.5 version of Leon has just been released. The new features listed below are available when you log to

  • A new tab 'CAM' has been added to section 'Fleet -> Fleet Edit' where TAH & TAC data can be inserted separately for different engines, airframe and APU
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  • It is possible now to filter fuel data in units: l, kg, lbs - in 'Custom Flights List' report
  • Export to LogTen Pro logbook software has been added. Please go to Reports -> Crew -> Personal Flights List and click 'LogTen Pro Export' link
  • The maximum size of the 'Airport Brief' document has been increased (uploaded in section 'Airport Directory') up to 4MB and 'Manual' documents (uploaded in section 'Privileges') up to 100MB
  • We have implemented a solution that if a user changes something in the checklist, only the changed item is being saved - other fields, if modified by other users, will not be overwritten. This allows simultaneous work on the checklist of a flight by more than one user
  • The order of text boxes in the 'Planned Flights' editing section has been changed and now notes box is visible by default
  • 'Flight Watch' data is now taken into account when flight time is suggested from historical data (previously only Journey Log data was being taken)
  • New field 'Reply to' in Handling Requests 'show e-mail' section has been added, along with the possibility to enter more than 1 e-mail address (after comma) in the field 'Cc'
  • 'Taxi in/Taxi out' times will be included in suggested STA time calculated from GCD (Great Circle Distance) when adding a new flight
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  • You can filter out long range flights on Customizable List of Flights by specifying what minimum block time should be included on the report
  • In 'Custom Flights List' report -> table 'Summary' you can find average data for 'Max FL' added previously in 'Journey Log'
  • New options have been added in 'Fleet > MVT" section: [ETA_L], [ETA_DAY], [ETA_MONTH], [ETA_YEAR]
  • A new checbox 'TAH & TAC' has been added to the filter -> columns, in 'Custom Flights List' report
  • 'Handling Requests' document will show deleted legs as crossed out when viewing amended HR file
  • This release also includes bug fixes

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