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30 Apr 2019

Leon 33 released

A new beta version of Leon has just been released. You can check it under web address and follow a list of changes below. If you find a function not working as expected, please write an e-mail to . If beta tests are satisfactory, we are planning to release the stable version in about a week. We appreciate your help in testing the newest version.

  • ADD-ONS - it is now possible to integrate with 'RDC - Airport Charges' application. More information here
  • OPS - tab 'AIRCRAFT' has been moved from the left filter to the options-bar next to the date range. Blue icon displayed next to the aircraft is showing the number of marked tails. If all the tails are ticked the blue icon is not displayed
  • CREW PANEL - in General Settings you can select between 'Manual Publish' (button 'PUBLISH' will appear on the options-bar), or 'Auto Publish' (all added duties will automatically be published to crew)
  • CREW PANEL - 'Preferred time zone UTC/BT' has been moved from the left filter to the options-bar (between date TO and NOW button)
  • NEW PRIVILEGES - we have added a tab 'MANUALS' to the filter - uploaded files will appear for each member of the group in user's profile
  • REQUESTS/QUOTES - an option of editing/deleting comments has been added. Hover the mouse over the '(edited)' to check who edited the comment & when
  • GENERAL SETTINGS - we have added a new definition 'Region' with 2 options: EN & US - selected option defines the date format (DD-MM-YYYY for EN, MM-DD-YYYY for US)
  • OPS - 'Show Schedule' has now a new option available: SMA (Schedule Movement Advice)

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