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26 Nov 2019

Leon 48 released

We have just started rolling out new version of Leon. Over the next few days, customers will be gradually switched to a new version of Leon. If you find a function not working as expected, please write an e-mail to .

  • REPORT WIZARD - we have added a new scope 'FTL DUTY'. More information here
  • ADD-ONS - we are now integrated with 'ForeFlight'. More information here
  • REQUESTS/QUOTES - new features available. More information here
  • DOCUMENTS - it is possible to indicate different CREW or PAX passport for departure & arrival in the following documents: Crew tripsheet & PAX tripsheet. Edit these documents in 'Documents Manager' panel and apply separately: 'departurePassport' & 'arrivalPassport' from 'Available data'. For CREW you can find it in: activities>crewList. For PAX in: PAX>passenger. We also added 'placeOfBirth' and 'PostalCode' to places where 'crewList' item appears in the 'Available data'
  • HANDLING REQUESTS - if the crew or PAX have different passports selected for departure & arrival, Leon will show it accordingly in Handling Requests email (and HR pdf)
  • OPS - a new field 'Reply to' has been added to 'SHOW SCHEDULE' section of the 'OPS' panel. It is important to insert the label in the field 'FROM' and the email address in the field 'Reply to'
  • OPS - it is now possible to edit Sales Checklist on the trips added in Requests/Quotes section
  • CREW PANEL - we added ' all positions' option in 'ASSIGN CREW' window. This option will display all the available non-default positions on specific aircraft
  • FUEL - we added new Fuel Supplier 'Platinum Aviation' in OPS > Fuel Prices section
  • EMAIL TEMPLATES - timezone in 'Crew Panel roster change' is now set by default to Base Time of the crewmember. This applies both to the email as well as the attached PDF file

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