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20 Jan 2020

Leon 52 released

We have just started rolling out new version of Leon. Over the next few days, customers will be gradually switched to a new version of Leon. If you find a function not working as expected, please write an e-mail to .

  • REQUESTS/QUOTES - an option to show CO2 emission on sales documents has been added. More information here
  • CREW ENDORSEMENTS - you can now check the history of uploading files to Crew Endorsements panel. More information here
  • SCHED - we have added a new button 'SHOW IN OPS' for quick moving between SCHED and OPS panels. We have also replaced days numbers with names. More Information here
  • CREW PANEL - it is possible to view 'Changes History' of flights (right-click with the mouse over the flight in crew part of the screen). Next step will be implementing the same option for duties and positionings
  • EMAIL TEMPLATES - we have added 2 new email templates to be customized in Leon: Gen Dec and Crew Trip Sheet. Go to Settings > Email Templates, edit templates and set up accordingly
  • HIL - we have added new fields in HIL edition page: Found by, Book, Page, Extension due date, Entry type, Cat, Parts ordered, Reference W/O -Task, Signed by, Procedure performed iaw MEL item, Work done by, Inspected by, Tech logbook, Tech log page
  • AIRPORT DIRECTORY - it is possible to edit 'Fire Category' in 'Airport Directory' panel. Leon will show a warning in OPS & Sales panel if the value in 'Airport Directory' is lower than the one defined in an aircraft profile
  • CHECKLIST NOTIFICATION - we have added a possibility to choose between ICAO & IATA airport codes for emails regarding unsorted checklist items
  • REPORT WIZARD - a new column 'Leg No' has been added
  • DOCUMENTS MANAGER - we have added available data to the following documents: 1. General Declaration - 'Passport on departure and Passport on Arrival' located under flights.crewList.arrivalPassport/departurePassport (Crew) and flights.passengerList.arrivalPassport/departurePassport (PAX); 2. Custom Document - data inserted in 'Fleet > tab Basic > Operator ICAO code/Name' located in available data under customDocument.aircraft.ACFT.operatorICAOCode, 'Gender' and 'Middle name' located under (PAX) and (Crew)
  • JOURNEY LOG - a new field 'HUD/EVS' has been added - it is also available in the REPORT WIZARD as a column
  • OPS - when editing a trip created in Requests/Quotes panel, Leon will show a button 'SHOW IN SALES'
  • AIRCRAFT - in an aircraft profile it is possible to add 'Sat phone' number - it is also possible to show it on Crew Trip Sheet & PAX Trip Sheet documents by connecting it in the Documents Manager panel
  • FTL CALCULATIONS - Leon will now alert if the rest after duty will be reduced - in a tab CREW, reduced rest will show in yellow
  • REPORTS - a report 'Fuel Differences' will be switched off from 'Reports' list - it is now available in REPORT WIZARD main page

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