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02 Mar 2020

Leon 55 released

We have just started rolling out a new version of Leon. Over the next few days, customers will be gradually switched to a new version of Leon. If you find a function not working as expected, please write an e-mail to .

  • BOOKINGS - subcharters will now appear on main Bookings page. More information here
  • OPS - new way of adding Simulators. More information here
  • SALES FEES - we have added new aircraft fees: a) Fuel Block Fee (based on block time) and Fuel Flight Fee (based on flight time); b) Owner Fee (per flight hour); c) Crew Layover Fee (per non flight day - when the crew have to stay outside the home base during one trip; d) Crew Costs (per day) - crew personal costs total for the whole crew; e) Parking (per non flight day) - when an aircraft is grounded inbetween flying days
  • REQUESTS/QUOTES - we have added new functionalities: a) it is now possible to add handling agents for Subcharter aircraft; b) options 'Select all' & 'Clear all' have been added to quotes status filter; c)
  • REPORT WIZARD - new options implemented: 1- scope 'Flight' - new columns available: 'Fuel Price ADEP', 'Fuel Price ADES' (prices marked as 'Show on Trip Sheet' in OPS, tab FUEL), column 'Deicing' [JL], column 'Custom code' [JL] (custom airport codes), column 'Refueling quantity' [L] or [USGAL] (from a panel OPS > Refueling), new filters added: 'Exclude custom code' [JL] & 'Include custom code' [JL]. 2 - scope 'Trips' - new columns and filters added: 'Aircraft' (registration) & 'Aircraft type'. 3 - scope 'FTL Duty' - new columns added: 'Planned FDP lenght', 'Planned duty lenght', 'Commander's discretion' (lenght in hh:mm), 'Rest reduction (preceding duty)'. 4 - Wizard Excel spread sheet - edit the Excel to get summary of particular columns (block time, flight time, etc...)
  • REPORTS - 'Work time' report has now option of generating the report for selected crew members. Click the link in the filter, insert an email address to which Leon should send the report and mark crew members who should be included. This functionality works in exactly the same way as for 'FTL Sheet' report
  • CREW PANEL - an option to accept or reject multiple duty Requests by holding 'Shift' or 'Ctrl' has been added. Also, crew Work phone and Personal phone will show when you hover the mouse over the crew code
  • EMAIL TEMPLATES - we have added new items to OPS documents email templates: position, name, middle name, surname, known as, crew code
  • OPS - a new caution has been added: 'Off duty assigned in the roster' - crew code will get highlighted in yellow if crew has been assigned to the trip while having OFF duty added in the roster (mark this caution in 3-dots filter to enable it)
  • FUEL ORDER - we have added new fuel suppliers from which you can now order fuel directly from Leon: Jetex and World Fuel Services. For more information regarding ordering fuel from Leon and setting up Fuel Order email templates check these links:
  • BOOKINGS - airport codes will appear on each non flight day
  • TIMELINE - coliding reservations or maintenance in a section Timeline (added within the same time period and on the same aircraft) will show one under another.
  • RESERVATIONS - we have added a new reservation type: 'Safety & Compliance' to the pre-defined list of reservations
  • CHECKLIST - archived checklist on flights older than 1 year can now be restored as long as the user has privilege to edit the checklist
  • AIRPORT DIRECTORY - a new field 'Country PAX notes' has been added to the tab 'Notes & Files' in Airport Directory - it is possible to show these notes on documents such as: Flight Brief (in RQ panel and OPS), Charter Agreement (OPS), Crew Trip Sheet and Custom Document
  • FUEL - we have added a new fuel supplier: 'Essential Jet Solutions' to the section 'Fuel Prices'
  • CENTRIK - Leon will update data downloaded from Centrik every 3 hours

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