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13 Apr 2020

Leon 58 released

We have just started rolling out a new version of Leon. Over the next few days, customers will be gradually switched to a new version of Leon. If you find a function not working as expected, please write an e-mail to .

  • LEON APP - from the next update it will be possible to add Journey Log in an offline mode. More information here
  • CREW PANEL - crew currency & reservations have been added to the panel. More information here
  • REPORT WIZARD - new features available. More information here
  • SIMULATORS - new crew positions can be assigned to SIM session: LTC, TRI, TRE, FE & FE2
  • EMAIL TEMPLATES - a new email template: 'Ops Documents', has been added - use it if you send multiple documents to the crew at once. 'Custom Document' email template has now available new items in Available Data panel: client & clientRepresentative (details such as title, name, middle name, surname, known as, email, phone, address & country)
  • JOURNEY LOG - we have added a new option: 'Approach type' (to be added to the JL in Settings > Flight Editing section) - the available approach types are: LVO, Precision, Non-precision, Visual, 2D, 3D, 2D+CDI and 2D+AZI. These approach types can be especially useful to Australian operators. 'Approach type' item is also available in Documents Manager > Available Data - for Flight Order document. Also, more additional items are now available to be added to Journey Log: Cat B brief completed, Trip report completed, Toilet service and Water service
  • TRIP - a new trip type 'Mission' has been added (tab TRIP). It is also possible to select this trip type as a default one, in a section Settings > Flight Editing
  • FUEL REQUEST - we have added fuel supplier 'VALCORA', through which you can request fuel directly from Leon
  • FUEL - the integration with UvAir has been turned off due to the fact that World Fuel Services (owner of UvAir) have disabled sending fuel prices via API
  • REPORTS - a report 'Crew Currency' can now be exported to Excel. A report 'Airport Categories' shows now category expiry date, which can be set up in 'Airport Directory' panel, tab 'Category'
  • OPS - Leon will show assigned labels to the crew in a pop-up window, in a section OPS: Table and Calendar (hover the mouse over crew code to view it)
  • CREW CURRENCY - a new currency has been added: 'Night with instructor'. In a section Settings > Crew Currency you can define a number of days and number of take-offs & landings for this currency

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