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11 May 2020

Leon 60 released

We have just started rolling out a new version of Leon. Over the next few days, customers will be gradually switched to a new version of Leon. If you find a function not working as expected, please write an e-mail to

  • MAINTENANCE - we are now integrated with TRAXXALL software. More information here
  • REPORT WIZARD - a new scope 'Crew Roster' has been added, as well as other features. More information here
  • SALES DOCUMENTS - we offer to implement new Leon layouts of various sales documents, such as Flight Quotation, Charter Agreement, Flight Brief or Invoice. This can be especially interesting to operators not using custom sales documents. Samples of mentioned documents can be checked here
  • SALES - we have built a tool for automatic migration of quotes & pricings from the old Leon sales panel (old Calendar) to the new one (Requests/Quotes). We offer FREE OF CHARGE migration of all quotes & pricings to our clients still using the old sales module. Please email our Support team for more details
  • JOURNEY LOG - a new item 'Fuel before uplift' is now available to be added to the Journey Log (in a section Settings > Flight Editing) - when enabled, this item will be a mandatory one to be filled in. 'Fuel before uplift' will be also available in Report Wizard. Also, it is now possible to upload attachments in 'EDIT LOG' window (Journey Log trip edition in a panel OPS)
  • CENTRIK - Leon will now also download crew endorsements for airports. To set this up, an operator needs to go into 'Centrik Qualification Set Up' and within each Qualification enter the ICAO or IATA code into the External ID field
  • CREW CURRENCY - we have implemented new crew currencies for Australian operators: 2D, 2D+AZI, 2D+CDI, 3D - these currencies can be enabled in a section Settings > Crew Currency. Leon will show their status in panels: OPS, CREW PANEL, CREW DUTIES and in a report Crew Currency
  • DOCUMENTS MANAGER - new items in 'Available data': 1) ALTN & ALTN2 (PAX tripsheet & Crew tripsheet); 2) timezone name & time difference
  • SALES FEES - new aircraft fees are now available: 'Leg Fee', 'PAX Leg Fee', 'Ferry leg fee'
  • FUEL PRICES - we have re-arranged a 'Signature' fuel file - its format has been adjusted to the newest layout that is being sent to clients by 'Signature'
  • CREW PANEL - when assigning crew to flights a warning of an airport discontinuity for crew will show (when assigning crew Leon will show 'N/A' - hover the mouse over the crew and information about the current location will appear). Also, 'Show requests' button has been added on the menu bar
  • FTLs - report 'FTL Violations' has now a new option available: 'Include discretion' (marked by default) - unmark it and Leon will hide the value of FDP extension in a column 'CD - Commander's Discretion'
  • EMAIL TEMPLATES - crew and PAX details can now be included in permits email templates (section Settings > Email Templates > Permits, Available Data filter)

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