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07 Jun 2021

Leon 88 released

We have just started rolling out a new version of Leon. Over the next few days, customers will be gradually switched to a new version of Leon. If you find a function not working as expected, please write an e-mail to


  • Subcharter Cancellation Policy option added. More information here
  • 'Gross Price' will display next to the 'Price' field if the 'VAT' value is inserted. Hovering the mouse over the 'Gross Price' value will display the VAT value
  • Editing the total price will automatically recalculate the 'Margin'. This applies to both: Subcharters and own aircraft, considering the own aircraft quotation is based on the 'Cost and Margin' method
  • Flight time calculations - 'Aircraft Performance Model' option available. More information here
  • It is now possible to select the flights to be printed on the 'Flight Brief' document. More information here
  • Selecting the aircraft in the quote edit section will automatically add the positioning legs and calculate the price
  • A button 'SKIP' has been removed from adding quote window


  • 'FILTER' option added to the 'BOOKINGS' view. Currently, 'FILTER' contains the following filtering options: 'Clients' (filtering by the Client(s)) and the 'Client labels' (filtering by labels assigned to the Clients)
  • Layout selected in the 'Display' dropdown will be kept when returning to the 'BOOKINGS' section
  • Selecting the 'Base' in the operator code dropdown (if available in the top-right corner of Leon) will filter the requests and display only the ones assigned to the selected 'Base'


  • CREW CALENDAR - bus icon will display if the crew is added as PSN on the flight
  • CREW CALENDAR - auto-roster functionality is now available on LTC, INS, and LTI positions. It is now possible to plan the aircraft duty on these positions and the crew will be assigned automatically to the flights
  • CREW CALENDAR - 'Preferred aircraft type code' filtering option is now available in the 3-dot filter. It allows switching the aircraft code between ICAO and IATA when grouping the view by 'Aircraft'
  • CREW CALENDAR - 'Show Non Active Users' option available in the 3-dot filter. The option allows displaying crew with 'Not Active' status
  • CREW CALENDAR - 'Aircraft homebase' filtering option is now available in the 'FILTER'. This option allows filtering by the specific aircraft homebase and will display only the crew assigned to aircraft which is assigned to the filtered homebase
  • CREW CALENDAR - the limit of days to display in the 'Crew Calendar' has been removed
  • CREW CALENDAR - it is now possible to configure the definition of the duty where the timeframe crosses midnight - i.e. From: 22:00 To: 06:00
  • CREW CALENDAR - the limit of the number of duties possible to create during one operation is now increased to 150 (number of days multiplied by the number of crew to which the duty is assigned)
  • CREW TIMELINE - 'ADD CREW NOTE' option available when right-clicking on the flight in the 'Crew' part of the 'Crew Timeline'. This option allows inserting 'Planner Note' and the 'Pilot Note'. Once the notes are inserted, clicking on the flight with the note will display the notes in the bottom bar. The Pilot Notes are displayed in the Mobile App under the tab 'Flight'


  • The new version of the Phonebook is now available. More information here


  • Elements of the quote are available in the 'Available data' in the 'Quote Invoice' and 'Credit Note' documents. The elements are available under 'invoice.quoting' and the 'creditNote.quoting'


  • 'Language' field in the User and PAX/Client profile has been switched to the selection field. Inserting the first letter of the language will open a dropdown list with the language options
  • We have standardized the aircraft type display in the following places: Fleet, User Edit - 'Ratings' tab, Endorsement list - 'Aircraft type' column, Endorsement definition - 'Aircraft type' section, Duty publishing window. The aircraft information will be displayed as follow: icao type - short name (EASA)
  • REPORT WIZARD - following columns added to scope 'Flight': 'Estimated Flight Time [Plan]' (calculated from OPS as Block time - Taxi times); 'Overflight Permit Status [Chkl]'; 'Landing Permit Status [Chkl]'
  • JOURNEY LOG - new fields have been added to the Journey Log: 'SAFA Ramp Check' (SAFA is the European Programme regarding the performance of ramp inspections on aircraft used by third country operators); 'COR/MOR Completed' (Company Occurrence Report / Mandatory Occurrence Report); 'CPT Fatigue score'; 'FO Fatigue score'; 'Other Crew Fatigue score'
  • FUEL - new fuel provider 'Akryl' added to 'Fuel Prices' list. Option to request fuel from Akryl added to the 'FUEL' tab in the 'OPS' section
  • AIRPORT DIRECTORY - timeframes inserted in the 'Airport Hours' and 'Control Tower Hours' will recalculate automatically based on the timezone of the airport (between Z and LT)
  • PRIVILEGES - an option: 'Users can only see office they are assigned to' introduced in the 'Settings' tab. This option applies to the operators with more than one Office/Base. If this checkbox is ticked, the user will only be able to see the activities within one'sown Base/Office

Apart from the above-mentioned features, we have also made changes to Leon API which can be reviewed under this changelog link

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