We have just started rolling out a new version of Leon. Over the next few days, customers will be gradually switched to a new version of Leon. If you find a function not working as expected, please write an e-mail to


  • A new option 'Find Aircraft' has been added. More information here
  • When sending sales documents, templates (documents & email) will show in alphabetical order
  • New airport fees available: 'Basic handling', 'Terminal charges' & 'Luxury catering'
  • Checklist - we are in the process of implementing a new functionality, allowing operators setting up which flight changes should turn a particular item's status to 'QSM' (i.e. ADEP, ADES, STD, STA, PAX, CREW, AIRCRAFT or FLT NUMBER). Right now we can enable this functionality upon operator's request and description: checklist item's name > flight changes which should change its status. If you come across any issues with regards to how the checklist works, please write an email to Leon Support Team


  • When viewing flights in the 'Table' panel with BT (Base Time) selected in the 3-dot filter, the line separating days will depend on the timezone of the assigned 'Base' of the logged user
  • Trip number will now also show in the Trip edition section
  • Left filter (tab 'MORE') allows to search by the Quote number
  • When sending requests for fuel or catering, it will be possible to send a copy to Crew as well (separate checkboxes for Cockpit & Cabin available)


  • CREW TIMELINE - crew fatigue can now be monitored in 'Crew Timeline' panel. More information here
  • STB - when adding a duty 'Home STB', Leon will show crew homebase airport automatically
  • CREW CURRENCY - a new crew currency added. Leon will update it regardless if the pilot has been selected as 'Pilot flying' in the Journey Log, or not


  • NEW PHONEBOOK - an option to export data to Excel as well as to import PAX data to the 'New Phonebook' available
  • PRIVILEGES - possibility to turn off access to sections: Crew > My Scheudule , Crew > My Logbook & Crew > My Logbook export, by switching a setting 'Pilot View' to DENY
  • AIRPORT DIRECTORY - a possibility to define 'Minimum Ground Time' per the airport (in 'Airport Directory' panel, tab 'Taxi & Extra') - Leon will check 'Minimum Ground Time' at the given airport and the one defined in an aircraft profile and will use the greater value
  • REPORT WIZARD - a new column 'Request' has been added to the 'Crew Roster' scope
  • REPORT WIZARD - new columns: 'Next EOBT' & 'Recovery rest valid until' added to the scope 'FTL Duty'
  • DUTIES SETUP - defining 'Weekends' in the format 'FRI-SAT' will apply in sections such as: 'OPS Calendar', 'OPS Timeline', 'SCHED' & 'Bookings'
  • CREW APP - for the checklist items: 'Catering', 'Slot' & PAX Transport' Leon will show providers of the service

Apart from the above-mentioned features, we have also made changes to Leon API which can be reviewed under this changelog link