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13 Sep 2021

Leon 95 released

We have just started rolling out a new version of Leon. Over the next few days, customers will be gradually switched to a new version of Leon. If you find a function not working as expected, please write an e-mail to


  • REQUESTS/QUOTES - subcharter requests from Avinode without specified tail registration are accepted and visible in Leon. If the subcharter provider will accept the request but will not specify the tail, this request will still appear in Leon
  • REQUESTS/QUOTES - all the Avinode quotes requested using 'FIND SUBCHARTER/COMPARE THE PRICE' functionality show in Leon. More information here
  • REQUESTS/QUOTES - 'Feasibility check' are available in the 'FIND AIRCRAFT' pop-up window. This allows a quick overview of whether the trip can be performed on an aircraft
  • REQUESTS/QUOTES - it is now possible to customize the 'Due date' settings for Invoices. More information here
  • REQUESTS/QUOTES - 'Cancelled by buyer' in Avinode will not delete the booked trip in Leon
  • AIRCRAFT FEES - 'Permits fee' will be added to the pricelist. This element will be calculated as a fixed amount of 1 x price indicated


  • TIMELINE - subcharters booked from the 'Requests/Quotes' module are displayed at the top of the view. The preview can be activated in the 3-dot filter.
  • OVERFLIGHT PERMITS - an additional option to download the list of the overflight countries has been introduced. More information here
  • OPS CHECKLIST - 'Towbar' option implemented. More information here
  • OPS CHECKLIST - 'Navigator' option is divided into 'Navigator ADEP' and 'Navigator ADES'. It applies automatically to the 'OPS Checklist' when the navigator is required at an airport ('Navigator Required' checkbox in the Airport Directory)
  • TAB 'CREW' - the list of endorsements available in the 'Endorsements' sub-section will display only the endorsements that are relevant to the AOC of the flight (endorsements assigned to the specific AOC)
  • TAB 'CREW' - new sub-section 'VACCINATIONS' available. It allows previewing the details of the vaccinations and previewing/downloading the vaccinations pdf attachments


  • CREW CALENDAR - crew names in the FILTER > 'Crew members' section are now divided into 2 groups: 'Active' and 'Non-Active'
  • CREW CALENDAR - two extra columns have been added to the 'Activity details' window: 'Crew Note' and 'Planner Note'. The columns will display the Crew and Planner notes inserted in the 'CREW TIMELINE' using the 'ADD CREW NOTE' function
  • CREW CALENDAR - the aircraft selection dropdown is grouped in the following order: 1. 'Pilots aircraft' - aircraft to which the pilot is directly assigned in the 'Fleet' section; 2. 'Other aircraft' - the rest of the fleet on which the crew has the type-ratings
  • CREW CALENDAR - it is possible to add multiple Positioning operations in one day. Clicking on the 'SAVE AND ADD NEW' button will allow saving the existing Positioning and re-opening the window to add the next Positioning
  • CREW CURRENCY - 2 additional crew currency options are available: '(nn) days night currency - (nn) take-offs' and '(nn) days night currency - (nn) landings'
  • CREW CURRENCY - new currency added: '(nn) days currency - (nn) holdings'. This allows recording whether the holding was performed before landing. In order to record it, add the 'Holding' item to the Journey Log (in Settings > Flight editing > Journey Log Items) and after the flight was performed, tick the 'Holding' checkbox in the Journey Log. Additionally, the 'Holding [JL]' column as well as the 'Holding (Yes/No)' filtering option have been added to the Report Wizard > Scope 'Flight'


  • SCOPE 'QUOTES' - the following columns have been added: 'Requester's email' and the 'Representative's email'
  • SCOPE 'FLIGHT' - new column 'PAX TEXT' has been added. This column will display PAX inserted as a text


  • NATIONAL ID - it is now possible to delete the National ID from the PAX and Crew profile. Removing National ID from the profile will not remove it from the past flights on which the National ID has been used
  • FLIGHT NOTIFICATIONS - it is possible to exclude the empty legs from the notifications by de-selecting the 'Include ferry flights' option in the 'Flight Notifications' setup

Apart from the above-mentioned features, we have also made changes to Leon API which can be reviewed under this changelog link

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