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25 Sep 2023

Leon Software and FCG OPS Elevate Partnership with Enhanced Integration

CITY, DATE - Leon Software and FCG OPS are proud to announce the expansion of their successful partnership, with the introduction of enhanced integration that promises to revolutionize the aviation industry. By seamlessly connecting the FCG ATOM IT platform with Leon Software, both companies are working to provide customers with a comprehensive suite of solutions, catering to the diverse needs of aviation businesses.

The collaboration between Leon Software and FCG OPS has already yielded remarkable benefits for FBO (Fixed-Base Operators) and OCC (Operations Control Centers) customers. Through data synchronization and the centralization of critical flight management processes, customers have witnessed significant improvements in operational efficiency and reduced complexities. However, the latest integration takes this partnership to new heights, offering tailored solutions for trip support and ground handling companies.

In a highly complex and strictly regulated industry, aviation companies grapple with the challenge of managing large volumes of data and ensuring precision and accuracy in their operations. Often, the use of multiple systems results in double data entry, potential errors, and a lack of real-time information. These issues hinder operational efficiency and can impact the overall effectiveness of flight management.

The integrations offered by Leon Software play a pivotal role in addressing these challenges. Serving as the central engine for flight management, Leon Software continually expands its capabilities with each integration, granting users access to a wide spectrum of aviation services. The collaboration with FCG OPS introduces a host of benefits aimed at streamlining flight planning and support processes.

The FCG ATOM platform, which combines ERP, CRM, flight management, reporting, and business analytics, has been seamlessly integrated with Leon Software since 2021. This integration enables the exchange of critical information related to flight plans, crew and passenger lists, departure and arrival times, CFMU slots, and the status of requested services. Notably, the integration has led to a reduction in potential errors, streamlined communication, the elimination of duplicate activities, and a decrease in the volume of phone calls and emails between stakeholders. Real-time data exchange between FCG ATOM and Leon Systems significantly enhances communication throughout the flight planning process.

The initial integration primarily catered to FBOs and OCCs, enabling them to make use of all available services for their flights. However, recognizing the varied needs of aviation businesses, including those who require specific services such as overflight permits or ground handling, Leon Software and FCG OPS have unveiled the latest integration. Designed to meet the requirements of trip support and ground handling companies, this integration offers flexibility and simplicity, allowing customers to select and use only the services they presently need. It empowers customers to add specific services as their needs evolve.

Leon Software and FCG OPS remain committed to driving innovation in the aviation industry, offering tailored solutions that address the unique demands of their customers. The enhanced integration represents a significant step toward optimizing operational workflows and delivering greater value to aviation businesses of all kinds.

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