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11 Sep 2023

Leon Software and SQUAKE Collaborate to Enhance Carbon Calculations and Sustainable Aviation Fuel Integration

CITY, DATE - In an era where addressing environmental challenges has taken center stage, the aviation industry is embracing sustainability by integrating eco-friendly practices into its operations. The demand for sustainable alternatives is growing, and airlines and aviation companies are now presented with a reliable means to quantify their carbon emissions and take concrete steps towards reduction and compensation.

Enter SQUAKE, a Berlin-based climate-tech company at the forefront of sustainability solutions. SQUAKE offers an innovative approach to understanding the climate impact and carbon emissions associated with flight bookings. By seamlessly integrating their software with Leon Software, the aviation industry now has access to vital data for calculating the environmental impact of their operations. What sets SQUAKE apart is its ability to provide airlines with a means to compensate for emissions by utilizing Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF).

Leon Software serves as the central data hub for flight bookings and operations, offering quick and comprehensive insights into aviation businesses. With the integration of SQUAKE, Leon Software empowers aviation professionals to add sustainability to their flight planning, operations, and decision-making processes, while maintaining efficiency in time and budget management.

The integration is seamlessly visible within Leon Software at the quote stage, providing customers with a straightforward process to activate SQUAKE as an add-on to their Leon Software suite. This integration allows aviation businesses to access estimated carbon emissions associated with a specific request for quotation and offers the option to compensate for these emissions using Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). The costs for SAF are accurately calculated based on the determined emissions and are conveniently incorporated into quotations as an additional item. In essence, SQUAKE enables aviation professionals to offer their clients the option of Sustainable Aviation Fuel starting today.

The initial step towards this integration was taken by AirGO, a valued customer of Leon Software. AirGO recognized the need for a comprehensive solution to assess the climate impact and carbon emissions associated with their flight bookings. SQUAKE proved to be the ideal choice, and with the integration into Leon Software, AirGO gained a unified source of connected data, consolidating all the necessary information in one place. This integration empowers AirGO to make more informed decisions about their flights and seamlessly incorporate carbon emissions into their operational planning.


SQUAKE is a leading industry solution for sustainable travel and logistics, offering a fast, scalable, and secure approach to carbon calculations for all types of activities, including air travel, road transportation, sea logistics, and accommodation. Committed to adhering to national and international standards, SQUAKE automates carbon reductions and compensations along the supply chain, from supplier selection (including SAF and DAC) to inventory management, invoicing, and credit retirement.

Leon Software and SQUAKE are dedicated to pioneering sustainability in aviation, providing essential tools for carbon reduction and compensations. This partnership represents a significant step forward in the quest for environmentally responsible aviation.

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