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14 Oct 2020

5 Ways Leon Encourages Clients to Continuously Learn

Keeping clients proficient in your software should be a critical part of any IT business model. We know that software evolves in exponential ways. That new features are added, menus moved, and there are better ways of doing things. Changes can cause headaches for people that did not keep up with developments. To prevent this, we at Leon Software have implemented several strategies to keep everyone aware of changes. We assist our clients in becoming fully proficient in the use of our software.

5 Ways Leon Encourages Clients to Continuously Learn

We believe that air operators need to be continuously kept up to date. That is why we provide them with continuous learning opportunities such as telephone and email support, video tutorials, online manuals, and personal training. We provide free and on-demand online training at no extra cost. In this way, clients can continue to streamline their businesses according to their needs without worrying about additional costs.  

5 ways to learn about Leon

There are five main ways that our clients can learn all about Leon.

Join onboarding sessions and training

Onboarding training sessions are essential to get new clients up and running. At this stage, they might not know much about the system. It is therefore important to lead them through the initial setup and the core functionality of the system. During onboarding, we assign a dedicated support person at our offices to lead the training. 

Onboarding usually takes about 2 weeks. After these 2 weeks, most people are proficient enough to use the system and required software configurations are completed. Software configurations that should be completed are items like setting up of document templates with the company logo, automated reports, customized views, implementation of crew FTLs (Flight Time Limitations), etc. We usually train admins in the first phase where they then complete the company-related setup. They also help onboard other personnel to different roles according to their company needs and structure. In the second phase, we offer training to the rest of the personnel working in operations, crew control, sales, and maintenance departments.

There is also an option of having onsite training, but the costs need to be covered by the client that requests such training. Onsite training is ideal for larger teams where onboarding cannot be done remotely, and you need to train many people at once. 

To book your training session, send an email to our support team at .  

Have an effective Customer Support 

Customer support is an essential service that enables our clients to contact us with any technical issues they are having. The easiest way to reach our customer support is via email. In the email, it is recommended the all relevant information is given, including an accurate description of the issue accompanied by screen grabs. The more information in the email; the easier it is for us to answer the query.

Another way is to share your computer screen with our support team. This gives them a chance to see the issue in the system and resolve it promptly. It can also be the fastest way to solve any issue - we recommend our clients to try it.

We still have the option for air operators to talk to us over the phone. This can be pricey as most of them are international call, that is why we recommend email or video calls. A phone call is best used for quick questions or solving a critical issue in case of an emergency. 

Lead video training

At Leon Software we also provide a video channel with training and tutorials. To view our video channel follow this link. We continuously update the channel with videos about our system - so remember to subscribe and hit the bell button. Playlists that might interest you include; Getting Started, How-to videos, various training sessions, and webinars.

Videos can be created to answer the most common questions and referenced as needed. Additional benefits are that people can view tutorials as many times as they want. The client’s team can learn independently and can get to the exact answers within a video.  

There are several different kinds of video tutorials that we produce. We have produced masterclasses which are lectures and events which we organize for our clients. We have also recorded webinars; where our experts talk about a specific subject and take questions. How-to videos are produced by our technical teams to show how to get things done in Leon.

A searchable and up-to-date wiki

We have created a repository of knowledge on our wiki site. We included all the know-how about our software such as the manual of Leon system and mobile applications, explanation of recent updates, and tutorials. We have designated team members that tirelessly update our wiki pages.

The benefits of a wiki site include easy access to detailed information and changes to our system. All the content is also indexed and searchable on Google.  

Announce updates regularly

It is critical to inform clients about changes to the system. This can be done by a bi-weekly summary which is sent to a mailing list. We highlight what got updated and what new features we implemented.  

The new features are also announced in the Update Centre page on our website. We also have a detailed description of all the changes on our wiki pages. What we write about there are technical updates, added features, modification of the system, and changes to interfaces.

We also provide release note training for anyone that wants to know what these changes mean to them. This is provided on-demand and cost-free.


We have committed ourselves to teach all about our system and integrating it into various businesses. This engagement with our clients has had a positive feedback loop for us. Not only do we have highly engaged users; but ones that help us streamline our software.

We are very grateful to everybody that asks for new features. This is one of the best ways which helps us to prioritize what needs to be added to our system. We view continuous learning (and training) as a powerful investment of time and effort; which improves our business and the businesses of our air operators. 

Not yet a member of Leon community? Contact our Sales team to find out more or jump straight into the 30-day free trial.



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