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29 Oct 2020

MySky brings AI-powered efficiency in the latest integration with Leon

Recently, MySky partnered with Leon Software, to integrate their AI-powered spend management system with Leon’s data to the benefit of mutual customers. Leon offers a solid cloud-based scheduling platform for workflows in the aviation industry. While MySky brings its AI-powered spend management, that bridges the gap between financial and operational data.

From audit to spend management

MySky was launched, 5 years ago in 2015, as an online audit system. Since then, the company has migrated into a full spend management platform while serving the needs of many aviation industry stakeholders; such as jet owners, operators and consultants. They now serve hundreds of aircraft worldwide in a highly competitive and rewarding business environment. They operate as an independent third-party player and offer one of the largest cost databases in the industry. 

MySky combines their independence with tech and data to provide an unmatched level of both operational and back-office efficiency for clients. The use of AI, optical character recognition and machine learning brings standardisation and transparency, which is essential to the industry. 

Bridging the data gap

The integration enables the bridging of the gap between financial and operational data. Not having a solution would usually mean greater risk in jet operations, as it drastically reduces the ability to control and manage expenses.

Yuliya Gubaydullina, marketing manager at MySky, states: “The value for MySky customers that integrate with Leon Software, is that they have a seamless flow of data. It brings us one step closer to our mission of making jet operations easy and efficient.”

Savings in costs and time

The features that the system has built-in include automation of digital documentation, and the verification of invoices and receipts. Additionally, the use of big data enables accurate price benchmarking when comparing to the market averages. 

In the system, you are able to add financial and operational KPIs (key performance indicators). These KPIs let you set quantifiable measures that you can use to assess performance over time. Managers and executives are therefore able to set targets that will have a direct impact on the bottom line. 


“It brings us one step closer to our mission of making jet operations easy and efficient.”

Yuliya Gubaydullina, Marketing Manager, MySky


Benefits of using MySky Pro include cost pre-estimation, which will help estimate the cost of any business activity from a conceptual stage. This pre-estimation of costs helps to understand the total budget of future business activity. Using all this data, the AI-powered reports are prepared so that the best cost-effective strategies can be implemented. The power of machine learning and benchmarking enables you to improve the performance of your business on an on-going basis. 

Power of AI learning

The main advantage of a system like MySky is that AI-power learning enables companies to improve their operations while running at full throttle.  

Three main aspects of the spend management value proposition are:

  1. Data administration: automating time-consuming tasks, monitoring and administration of data within businesses, with a reduction of admin costs;
  2. Automated cost accounting: clients can be more efficient in their cost management;
  3. Benchmarking: making use of a unique database, each cost is put into perspective. This allows clients to have more power and proactively control their operational budget.

In a nutshell, AI optimizes time-consuming tasks and eliminates errors. Two very cost-intensive and important functions within spend management. 

Please find more information on MySky’s website:


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