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05 Nov 2020

Keep your customers’ menu with Leon’s catering notes

Catering is a multi-billion dollar industry, which reflects how we approach our clients’ needs for food and drink. This is especially true if your clients are luxury travellers, and request bespoke meals and delivering standard meals is not an option. As you might know, their tastes are diverse, resulting in menus that are unique to each passenger.

To leverage Leon Software for catering, all you need to do is make sure all the catering preferences of your clients are in the system. Once you have saved that data, you can then make a list of the best caterers. From then on, ordering meals becomes a breeze. Let’s explore how to do this.

Build your customer preferences database

 Information is today’s “digital” gold. The more information you have, organised well and available on-demand, the faster and better quality decisions you can make. Utilising Leon for catering, you will benefit from all the information that you saved from previous flights, as well as the notes that have been added to your passenger phonebook. If you have the same person booking a flight again, you will be able to access notes stored previously. These notes for catering include what customers like to eat, drinks options, dislikes and more.

 news AddPAXnotes

Add your passenger catering notes in your client phonebook.

Order from your favourite caterer

Another important step is to add your favourite caterers for ordering those bespoke meals. Decide on the meals you would like to offer your clients, based on their catering notes or new requests. You might even have some preferred caterers in mind already. Just make sure that the catering company fits your clients’ needs, and is near or at the airport where your aircraft is based. Such companies usually already have permission to enter the airport grounds and deliver your order.

 news addtemplatecatering

Add your catering supplier via email template for catering.

To list a new caterer in Leon, create a new catering template for each catering company you want to add. This catering template includes an email template that will be sent out when placing an order. Make sure you fill out all the details required. All the flight information needed to fulfil the order will be pulled from the system automatically.

After setting up the caterer of your choice, you will see them listed in the catering suppliers drop down for the airport where the aircraft is based.

 news Paxchecklist woe

Choose your caterer and add your order from the OPS checklist.

 As you place the order for a particular flight, the system takes care of the other relevant information such as flight number, times of departure and more. Add your order, based on your passenger needs and click send.

Easily see client’s catering notes

To see client catering notes, hover over the PAX column in the OPS checklist. You will see that the notes will pop out as you hover over the PAX for the flight. This will help you with suggestions for the menu. As seen in the example below, you will see the passenger details with notes for a favourite drink, dishes and dislikes. Remember that all the notes should be added in your phonebook. 

 news clientPAXnotes

Add your passenger catering notes in LEON and retrieve them later.

Listed VIP suppliers

If you are not certain what supplier to choose or you are new to the airport and not certain who the suppliers are, you can choose a listed supplier from AC-U-KWIK. Our suggested network supplier is Delisky ( They operate a network of premium catering partners, with an efficient online order system for a convenient order processing. They are available at most large airports across the world. The service is free, intending to save you money, time and provide the best quality service.


So if you are looking for catering services and you have Leon, you do not need to look any further. We have both options of suggested suppliers, and we give you the flexibility to build your own exclusive list. We hope this information available at your fingertips will speed up your workflow that ultimately saves time and money.


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